Why I Love Mason Jars || DIY Simple Projects

When you come to the south Mason Jars in are abundance! If you go to the local antique stores you can find some real beauties from the past, like this beautiful blue Ball jar.

Mason Jar DIY's

Mason jars are really good for organizing. I use this clear Mason jar that I bought at an antique store to hold my business cards.Mason Jar DIY's

These little ones that you can buy at any grocery store hold my make up brushes. You just add any color stone you wish.Mason Jar DIY's

These mason jars hold little nick-nacks that really clutter up my drawers. It makes them easily accessible.Mason Jar DIY's

For this mason jar, I took an old t-shirt, measured it around the jar to see where I needed to cut. I then took hot glue, and glued the seams together.Mason Jar DIY's

My wonderful friend Ashley made this ‘inspiration jar’ for me as a Christmas gift. Personally I love these simple gifts, and if you are working with a limited budget this is a great idea.

Mason Jar DIY's Mason Jar DIY's

How do you use mason jars? Are they a decorative staple in your home? I would love to see your images of your DIY projects you have. Just leave a link in the comment section below.

Until next time, stay beautiful my friends.



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