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Honeybook: Why It’s The Best Tool For Any Creative.

Hi friends! Today I would like to tell you about, what I think, is the best management tool for any creative, and that is Honeybook. I first heard about Honeybook through a creative group I’m apart of called, “The Rising Tide Society”. At the time I was with a different company when I decided to give this a try, and didn’t really think it would make too much of a difference, but boy was I wrong.

This platform is so easy to use, just look. When I open my dashboard(aka my pipeline), I can see all upcoming shoots that I have, and see where I am on each one. In this example, you can see I have 2 that are in the planning stages. This means, they have already signed their proposal that I sent over, and followed through with their payment plan. As we get closer to each shoot date it will just move along the pipeline, and once it’s done I simply archive it in-case I need to pull it back up later.

When I scroll over the tools link, I get full reports, my calendar, workflows, book-keeping, etc. The book-keeping portion is so important for me as a single business owner, because I can see when I have a client who has not paid, and with one-click send a reminder. I can see my profit and loss statement, I can track my expenses with each shoot that I do, etc. If you have QuickBooks then you can easily sync it up with Honeybook. I can even┬ásync all my contracts, my set payment for collections, schedule payments if need be, etc. all inside one proposal to send to my clients. So instead of sending 5 different e-mails, and spending all that time going back & forth with my client, I can do it all with one click. It’s faster, more efficient for them, and I can spend more time off the computer, and more time doing what I love. That is amazing!!

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