Sunflower Mini-Sessions at Dewberry Farms

Hi friends! You may remember when I did a sunflower session last year. If not, that’s okay, feel free to go check that out then come back here to this one. This year I hosted sunflower mini-sessions at Dewberry Farms. It was a huge hit!

A little backstory before we dive into the images:

Sunflowers all over our area had under gone some abuse due to the lack of rain & hot, humid temps. At this point I didn’t think anyone had fresh sunflower fields left. Then I made a call to Dewberry Farms, and low and behold, their sunflowers were set to bloom late! *Yeesssss!!!!!* *Insert praise hands emoji!*

Flash forward to that evening.

It was a perfect evening for photographing. We had a beautiful sun setting right  behind us, giving us that warm, golden glow. Our first client, Kristin, met us with open arms. Kristin is such a delight, and always brings positive energy with her where ever she goes. I just love her! I was curious though. I was curious about the hot air balloon tattoo on her arm. She told me she had always wanted to up on a hot air balloon, but was too afraid. Then one day, she decided to face her fear & just do it. She said it was an incredible experience.

How amazing is that?? And such a life lesson too. Whatever you may be fearing, just face it head on. Look in the face of your fear & do whatever it is you want anyway.

Our next clients Julie & her little one were so sweet! They wore the same color shade of blue to match during the session. Her little one was so shy, so we made sure to get those giggles. I had Julie whispering inside jokes to her the whole time. So precious!’s

Our last clients Angel & her husband, had us laughing non-stop during the session. At one point I told him to whisper sweet nothings into her ear. She started laughing so hard, and he finally told us what was making her laugh. He was telling her all about his big ole’ truck he wants. To that she replied, “It’s either the house or the truck! You can’t have both!”¬†

All of these clients were such a pleasure to photograph, and I hope you enjoy these images. I’ve even posted some behind the scenes shots of that day.



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