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Welcome back to the Making Things Happen: The Book series! I have been really enjoying this process of setting meaningful goals, and diving into what really makes life worth living. All of these posts are, of course, inspired by Lara Casey, but I love sharing this process with all of you. It keeps me accountable.

In the last post I covered what went right in 2014, and what fires you up. Today, let’s say Yes to things that matter, and make our goals happen. And let’s say No to all the toxic things in our lives.

Say YES!:

* More laughter

— Instead of worrying so much, I want to laugh more.

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine, but a broken spirit drieth the bones.”– Proverbs 17:22

*More quiet time with God, & getting into the Word.

— This is what I crave. My day goes better, I feel like a kinder person, and I make smarter decisions throughout my day. I love starting my mornings with God, and I need to make this top priority,

*Exercising consistently to stay healthy (plus it makes happy. ^_^)

— I love to exercise, even though it can be hard, and challenging. Seeing the progress, and feeling the change in my body keeps me coming back for more. I just want to do it consistently, and not obsessively. I feel like there is a fine line in exercising. 3 times a week is good for me.

*More community, and long lasting relationships

— This pretty much says it all. I love forging long lasting relationships with people. I haven’t always been the best with people, but I strive to be better daily. I love my quiet time to myself, but it always feels so good to create good community with people.

*Taking time to just explore

— I love traveling, and exploring new places. I hope to get out of my little comfort zone this year, and really explore. And of course, take photographs along the way to document the wonderful memories.

*Read more

— I can never read too much. I don’t care if I’m up to my eyeballs in work, reading is something I love, and need. It’s a de-stressor, and it’s just fun for me.

*More impromptu dance parties

— Who doesn’t love to dance like nobody is watching?

*Writing, and Blogging 

— I’ve always loved doing blogging, and just writing in general. I may not be very good at it, but I love doing it. I pray to do it more of it this year.

*Uplifting someone

— Someday’s you just get caught up in the stresses of everyday life, that you forget that blessing others in turn blesses you. It’s something I want to strive to do daily. It doesn’t always have to be something big, something simple will do too. 🙂 I want to be a blessing.

*Progress, not perfection

— This is what this challenge is all about, but I never want to forget that! As soon as I forget that, I will be back in that rut of stress, trying to make things perfect instead of making real progress towards my goals. I have posted this sticky note on my laptop, so that every time I open it, I remind myself to make progress towards my goals.

*Projects with meaning

— I sometimes just jump onto projects without thinking them through. Either it’s something I’m trying to plan, or something someone has proposed to me. I want to jump on projects that mean something, that go along with the mission statement, and vision of my business. If it doesn’t help, inspire, or encourage then I probably will turn it down.

Say No to:

*To the glorification of busy-ness

— It’s always been the rule of the world, the busier you are, the more successful you must be. Well, that kind of thinking is what causes burn outs, and resenting everything. Of course we should work, and the Bible tells us that we should in order to eat. But that doesn’t mean we have to over-work ourselves, and miss out on time with our family or friends.

*Getting angry over certain things

— I can have quiet a temper, a really bad one at times. Like the kind of temper that makes me clench my teeth together, and feel like punching something or someone.  This is something not a whole lot of people know about me, and I don’t like getting angry. It’s not me. It’s always felt unnatural. It’s something I fight, and pray about a lot.

“Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath:”–James 1:19

*Surrounding myself with the negative

— I want to stay away from anything, or anyone who causes negativity in my life. Now I love to be around people, but I feel if someone is having a negative influence on you it’s best to love that person from a distance. Pray for that person, that they will have a complete heart change.

*Buying something based on how I feel

— This has always caused problems for me. I can be a bit of a ‘free spirit’ when it comes to shopping. And in most cases I buy based off emotion. It usually leaves me with that feeling of, “How am I going to pay this bill, or this bill?”. I’m working on a contentment challenge with buying. Of course I’m not cutting out shopping completely, but I need to be content with what I have first, and pray through what I’m feeling.


— Yeah, this pretty much sums it up. I don’t want to be an overly critical person.


— I want to face my fears head on, not run, hide, or even worse, not taking any action at all, and giving up because of fear.

*Too much social media 

— I have already stopped being on it so much, and to be honest with you I’ve never felt so confident, and peaceful. I’m going to make it my mission to post something to my social media accounts once a week or twice a week. It allows me to build actual relationships instead of “connecting” by looking at someone’s Facebook page.

*Trying to be something I’m not

— I have to remember this, “You are never going to please everyone. Someone will always have something bad or negative to say”. I can be a bit of a people pleaser, and sometimes I tend to go to extremes. As in I try to be everything to everyone. And it just doesn’t work. All I can be is me. 🙂

What are you going to say yes, or no to this year? Comment down below, and share you heart with me. I’d love to hear from you!

In the next post(Make It Happen Series airs on Tuesdays) I’ll share with you what I feel like my word is for this year, and focusing on that to set my goals. I’ll also share with you something I’m getting radical about this year. And by radical I mean, what I’m going to do that’s going to create positive change to get closer to my dream.

Stay beautiful, and I’ll see you Thursday!



(As always a special thanks to Lara Casey for making these blog graphics available to use)

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