Pilot Mountain State Park Senior Session

As I started driving towards Pilot Mountain I noticed a dark cloud. I kept driving, the sky grew darker, and rain had set in. I was getting nervous, because this cloud seemed to appear out of nowhere. Threatening our senior session that was just about to take place. I drove up the winding road to the top, and pulled into a parking space. As quickly as the storm popped up, all of a sudden it disappeared. Revealing a beautiful blue sky, with giant white fluffy clouds, and the most beautiful golden sunshine. It had managed to cool off a few degrees, and we had this amazing Beyonce wind to top it off!

You may remember seeing Trinity in previous posts. She is the LHP Spokes-Model for 2019!

Trinity pulled into her parking space not long after me. We both jumped out, and ran to hug each other. Then we planned her the final details of her outfits. She plays basketball for the Lady Patriots so she incorporated her team jersey for one outfit. We chose sneakers to wear with her dress, because that is so Trinity. She loves to dress up & be comfortable.

As we walked to each location, we chatted about life & everything in between. There were many times we would burst into fits of laughter during the session. Like when we were shooting next to tall grass & something moved. I was tempted to run. So was she. I may or may not have even, almost, face planted on the rock ledge. Almost. Twice. 

As we were nearing the end of our session we took a moment. We sat on the ledge that over looks the rolling green hills of Pilot. We sat, talked some more, and took in the view. This is a session I won’t soon forget.

Trinity, as you are reading this blog post, I wish you nothing, but all the happiness in the world. Your joy is not only felt by those who are close to you, but by those you encounter daily. You are such a hard worker, and it shows. Your basketball team is headed to the All-Star games this weekend, & that’s amazing! You are doing wonderful in school, & pursing your calling into nursing. They are going to need a kind soul like you. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you sweet girl

Oh, and one more thing. Happy Early Birthday!


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