Make It Happen: A 3 Month Update || Goal Setting And Planning

Make It Happen: 3 Month Update ||Goal Setting and PlanningGood Monday morning! Go ahead, and grab your favorite coffee drink (or iced coffee), and let’s get caught up. If you are just tuning in, then you may want to start with this blog post first: Live Intentional in 2015. This is the introduction to the Make It Happen process that I have been working through this entire year.

Now that you are all caught up, welcome back! It’s already August, and it seems to be flying by already. So a few nights ago I sat down, and re-evaluated my goals that I made at the very beginning of the year. As you can see they really haven’t changed, and I added one more to the list. These goals have meaning to them. They aren’t just mindless goals that I jotted down on a whim, I had some time to think through the, ‘why’ behind each goal.

Make It Happen: 3 Month Update ||Goal Setting and Planning

Throughout this process, I have come to love blogging, and I want to continue to grow this area of my life, and business. I want this to become a place where others connect, feel like they belong, and encourage one another. As you can see below I have laid out a 3 month plan for blogging topics, and I have some pretty big plans for the re-design, and re-brand of this blog, which will be in the future. This should include this blog being mobile friendly, and easier navigation.

Make It Happen: 3 Month Update ||Goal Setting and Planning

I continue to strive to help other women feel confident in themselves with my business. This is the best part of what I get to do, and I am so happy for one of my most recent clients. She posted her image on a social media site, and people instantly complimented her, and thought she was a model. Just to see that smile on her face, and her eyes light up when she said it, made everything worth it. One day I hope to have a beautiful studio full of tulle dresses, skirts, and lots of sparkly things to really help women feel confident in who God made them to be.

Saving money has been really hard for me ever since I could remember. I am what Dave Ramsey calls a, ‘free spirit’, and I have the, ‘Oh! Pretty, shiny, sparkly syndrome!’ when it comes to going to a store. That’s a big reason why I started the “Contentment Challenge” here. I want to have accountability if I don’t save my money, to find others who are in the same position as I am, and find out why I think I have to have all this, ‘stuff’.

My giving has remained the same, I am happy to say. This doesn’t always mean I’m giving money, this means giving my time, talent, love, etc. to others who are in need. I don’t speak a whole lot on this mainly because I want to be a doer when it comes to giving, and not a bragger. I want to incorporate giving into my business too, whether it be helpful tips, tricks, or something to enhance my clients lives.

Creating video content is a new goal I have added. I love the power that video has to reach across the world. YouTube is the best platform to date for creating, and sharing valuable content. In addition to creating content for the blog/business, I will try to post some fun videos on a personal channel of mine. I can’t explain it, but I have fallen in love with YouTube! I think I watch YouTube more than I watch my DISH.

With reaching some success within these goals, I am looking forward to the second half of this year. Here’s to doing more, and making progress rather than reaching for perfection.

What’s at least one thing you have been doing this year to make your dreams happen? Share with us in the comments below. Let’s encourage one another today. 



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