Make It Happen: The Update || The Good, Bad, & What The Future Holds

Hello my beautiful friends! It’s been a while since I have wrote to you about my Make It Happen journey. Before we go any further though, I’ll link below the planning journey so you can see from start to finish.

 Part 1: Live Intentional || 2015 Goal Setting

Part 2: What Fires You Up?

Part 3: Say Yes, Or Say No?

Part 4: Radical Changes & Goal #1

Part 5: 2015 Goals & Having A Purposeful Year

For those of you who are just tuning in, and may not know what the title, “Make It Happen” means, it simply means I am making my dreams a reality. Making dreams happen that have a purpose, that bring light into other’s lives, joy, etc. Dreams are wonderful to have, but what good are they if they are all focused on self?

Life has gotten busier, so some of my goals at the moment have fell to the wayside, but I still wanted to give you an update on this journey.

I have (finally!) purchased the new Powersheets from Lara’s shop, which are not only helpful, but beautifully designed. It’s been giving me a new perspective on my goals, and how I plan to achieve them.Make It Happen Update

4 month check in– Goal Refresh

1. To pursue the creative talent that God has given me:

-Composite photography, glamour & senior photography, making videos, drawing, 

And use it for a purpose. 

2. Writing, and encouraging others through blogging. 

3. To give, and save more. 

4. To have my own business, and use it to do good with. 


Goal #1:

I am actually just pursuing glamour & senior photography as a career. I have found that I just love making people feel beautiful about themselves. Composite photography, while it still may be a career option, I found that I am just having fun creating. I post a lot of self imagery on Flickr, and it’s how I become a better photographer. I don’t always have someone to practice on, so I practice on myself instead. I practice lighting, composition, posing, etc.

Making videos has definitely gone out the window for now. I need to focus my energy on one or two things right now. The same thing goes for drawing. I still love it, and I love to draw during my downtime. And that’s okay. I love it as just another creative outlet.

Everything doesn’t have to be a career, and you don’t have to make money off of everything. Having something that’s just for you is wonderful. Something to help you relax, and just let yourself be creative without worrying what someone else thinks.

Goal #2:

As much as I have tried to keep up with my Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule, I am afraid my blogging has slipped. For me that’s sad, because I do actually enjoy blogging now. There was a time where it was tedious to even try,and post. As of right now I do work a full time job elsewhere, but one day I really hope to make this dream a reality so I can post as often as I wish.

I do have plans to clean the blog up a little bit, and it will probably happen over the course of this year. I’m pretty excited about it. I want to make my blog very user friendly. So stay tuned for that later in the year.

Goal #3:

This was one of my favorite goals. I am pleased to say that I have been working on this goal. I am nowhere near where I need to be, but the shopping based off emotion has ceased! This was a real money drainer, but now I find that I have plenty of money left over by the time my next paycheck arrives. This means that I have more to give to someone in need, or to help a non-profit. It is such a blessing to have some financial peace in my life, and to bless others in the process.

Goal #4:

There are times where I am afraid I am not very good at business, but God has placed me in positions to learn. I am realizing that where I am now, is where I need to be to learn how to be an effective leader one day. I want my business to do good for others. To enhance their lives, and to bring hope into their lives. I have actually stripped everything down to the bare bones.

Which basically means, I am going to stop trying to act like my business is bigger than it is. No more expensive purchases, no more doing this just because someone else is doing it, etc. That’s how so many businesses fail, they start out way to big. I actually wrote a blog post on it, and it was more of a letter to myself.

I’m taking my own advice on this one. 

So I am building my business one day at a time to where it needs to be, and investing in my photography education. Education to me is priceless!

So far this journey has not only been rewarding, but painful in some areas. Growing, and changing isn’t always comfortable, in fact it can be down right painful. But in order to get somewhere, I have to change the way I’ve been doing things. The way I’ve been doing it, obviously isn’t working, so change in necessary.

In the next week, I will let you see a sneak peek into my monthly tending list on the Powersheets, so you can help keep me accountable. I need that accountability to keep myself from falling back into the same ole routine that hasn’t worked for years.


Live your life with purpose.

Stay beautiful my friends!



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