Honeybook: Why It’s The Best Tool For Any Creative.

Hi friends! Today I would like to tell you about, what I think, is the best management tool for any creative, and that is Honeybook. I first heard about Honeybook through a creative group I’m apart of called, “The Rising Tide Society”. At the time I was with a different company when I decided to give this a try, and didn’t really think it would make too much of a difference, but boy was I wrong.

This platform is so easy to use, just look. When I open my dashboard(aka my pipeline), I can see all upcoming shoots that I have, and see where I am on each one. In this example, you can see I have 2 that are in the planning stages. This means, they have already signed their proposal that I sent over, and followed through with their payment plan. As we get closer to each shoot date it will just move along the pipeline, and once it’s done I simply archive it in-case I need to pull it back up later.

When I scroll over the tools link, I get full reports, my calendar, workflows, book-keeping, etc. The book-keeping portion is so important for me as a single business owner, because I can see when I have a client who has not paid, and with one-click send a reminder. I can see my profit and loss statement, I can track my expenses with each shoot that I do, etc. If you have QuickBooks then you can easily sync it up with Honeybook. I can even┬ásync all my contracts, my set payment for collections, schedule payments if need be, etc. all inside one proposal to send to my clients. So instead of sending 5 different e-mails, and spending all that time going back & forth with my client, I can do it all with one click. It’s faster, more efficient for them, and I can spend more time off the computer, and more time doing what I love. That is amazing!!

The best part is the community aspect of this program, when you are planning a styled shoot, you can post what you are looking for, and other creatives will respond. They even host education for those who want to learn more about the program, and how to make the most out of the experience with HoneyBook. This is probably my favorite part of being with HoneyBook, because I am very community over competition mind-set.

I highly encourage you to check out HoneyBook if you are looking for something to stream-line your work-flow process. (P.S.–I feel the need to tell you, no I am not being paid by this company to write a review for them, I just genuinely love them! Even if this was a sponsored post, please know that I never collaborate with companies I’ve never worked with, or don’t truly love. Honesty is the best policy right?)




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