DIY: Make Your Own Glitter Print

Hello beautiful! Welcome to TGIF here on the blog today. We are going to do something fun, and inspiring. We are going to make our very own glitter print!

**Special Note Before We begin: I learned to do this from LaurDIY’s YouTube channel. I just wanted to share with you this fun process, and expand more on this creative artwork. 

These glitter prints can make great presents for any holiday, or occasion. Before anyone asks, no the glitter doesn’t come off the print very easily.DIY Glitter Print

The things you will need for this DIY project are:

DIY Glitter Print

* Acrylic Paper, Water Color Paper, Canvas, or anything that is sturdy.

Sketch book paper is NOT recommended, solely because you will be using glue, and spray that will wrinkle, and curl the paper. **Special Note: The only reason you will be seeing sketchbook paper in this tutorial is because I have ran out of my acrylic stock paper, and at the time I made this it snowed, and iced. 

*Mod Podge glue, or tacky glue. I would prefer that you use tacky glue simply because Mod Podge drys super quick, and you may have to apply several coats of glitter to cover the canvas. 

*Glitter (Gold, silver, blue, red, etc. Whatever glitter is your fancy!)

*Paint Brushes

*Stencil (optional)

*Pencil & Eraser

DIY Glitter Print

I chose to use a deer head stencil that I saw in LaurDIY’s video for Glitter Prints.

If you find that you cannot trace your stencil due to the thickness of your paper, you can use tracing paper. Draw the stencil onto the tracing paper keeping your canvas underneath. When you bare down on the tracing paper you should leave an imprint on your canvas. From there go ahead, and make your outline.

Or if you are feeling daring, go ahead, and free hand your drawing onto your canvas.

DIY Glitter Print

Once you have your outline, the real fun begins! It’s time to Mod Podge your outline, or tacky glue it! You want to make sure you go outside the outline a little bit to cover it up.


Since Mod Podge does dry pretty quickly, I wasn’t able to photograph step by step of the glitter process.

Once your canvas is covered in glitter make sure to let it sit for about 2-3 hours allowing enough time for the glue to completely dry.


Once you pour the excess glitter off, and you like what you see it’s time to seal the glitter in. **Note: Use a cuetip or the tip of your finger to remove glitter that may get stuck in awkward places on your canvas, as you can see below.

DIY Glitter Print

Lock everything in with the seal spray (as shown up top), and you are finished! Just let the print sit for 2-3 hours or over night to ensure it dries. **Special Note: When you are using the seal spray make sure to use it outside as it has a very strong odor. 

If you have any DIY projects you would like to see just leave it in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful my friends!



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