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The School Sessions + Giving Back

You may have seen this mentioned on my social media sites multiple times, but I love supporting this cause. The School Sessions has an important goal to reach in April 2016. Photographers from across the world are joining together, and donating 100% of their session fees to build a school in Haiti for 200+ students.

How amazing is that!?

Below are some images of the current school, more information about The School Sessions, and where the new school will be built.

The School Sessions Media Kit Images 01

This is the current ECCA School for the children. As you can see, this will not accommodate, comfortably, 200+ students.

The School Sessions Media Kit Images 02

Want to know a little more information?

 Six years ago, an earthquake devastated much of the poverty-stricken nation, taking the lives of almost half amillion Haitians and destroying thousands of schools. Only a couple miles from the earthquake’s epicenter, the 200+ students from ECCA School, were left without a place to learn. Years later, staff and students continue to gather in a crowded and makeshift facility. During the month of April, when you book a portrait session with me, 100% of your session fee will go towards building a brand new facility for ECCA School. In 2015, The School Sessions hosted their first global fundraiser and over $45,000 was raised. We were able to purchase new land and together in April 2016, we have a goal of raising $150,000 to complete the new school building!

Just look at all that land they were able to purchase from last years donations. Just think of how amazing that school will be if we reach, and even exceed this years goal?

The School Sessions Media Kit Images 25

 Here is where you will find all the information for portrait session fees, and how to book your session. 

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The School Sessions || Photography And Passion


On January 12th, 2010 a massive 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck Port au Prince, Haiti destroying much of it, and surrounding areas.

ECCASchool_Large15Including the ECCA school in Mellier, Haiti. The school can get quite noisy with classrooms only being separated by the boards you see above.

So, why am I telling you this today?

On April 12th, 2015 photographers all across the globe, including myself, will join together to help rebuild this school for these children in Haiti. The project is called:

The School Sessions

Jamie Delaine(Vancouver, CA based photographer), and her husband Randy have teamed up with Hope Force International to make this project a reality. And make a dream come true for these children, and their teachers in Haiti.

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