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Sunflower Mini-Sessions at Dewberry Farms

Hi friends! You may remember when I did a sunflower session last year. If not, that’s okay, feel free to go check that out then come back here to this one. This year I hosted sunflower mini-sessions at Dewberry Farms. It was a huge hit!

A little backstory before we dive into the images:

Sunflowers all over our area had under gone some abuse due to the lack of rain & hot, humid temps. At this point I didn’t think anyone had fresh sunflower fields left. Then I made a call to Dewberry Farms, and low and behold, their sunflowers were set to bloom late! *Yeesssss!!!!!* *Insert praise hands emoji!*

Flash forward to that evening.

It was a perfect evening for photographing. We had a beautiful sun setting right  behind us, giving us that warm, golden glow. Our first client, Kristin, met us with open arms. Kristin is such a delight, and always brings positive energy with her where ever she goes. I just love her! I was curious though. I was curious about the hot air balloon tattoo on her arm. She told me she had always wanted to up on a hot air balloon, but was too afraid. Then one day, she decided to face her fear & just do it. She said it was an incredible experience.

How amazing is that?? And such a life lesson too. Whatever you may be fearing, just face it head on. Look in the face of your fear & do whatever it is you want anyway.

Our next clients Julie & her little one were so sweet! They wore the same color shade of blue to match during the session. Her little one was so shy, so we made sure to get those giggles. I had Julie whispering inside jokes to her the whole time. So precious!’s

Our last clients Angel & her husband, had us laughing non-stop during the session. At one point I told him to whisper sweet nothings into her ear. She started laughing so hard, and he finally told us what was making her laugh. He was telling her all about his big ole’ truck he wants. To that she replied, “It’s either the house or the truck! You can’t have both!” 

All of these clients were such a pleasure to photograph, and I hope you enjoy these images. I’ve even posted some behind the scenes shots of that day.


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North Carolina Rainbow Maternity Session

I have been very blessed to work with this sweet lady again. Amanda and I go way back to the good ole’ kindergarten days. Yep. Bonding over recess, and nap times. Flash forward to the days where I started experimenting with photography, and started thinking about becoming a career later on. She always wanted me there to document those little memories, and I will forever be grateful to her for that. I got to watch her son Logan grow, and how he’s such a little man now! Now, here we are again, after a devastating miscarriage, to celebrate a little life that’s about to come into the world, a baby boy named Jaxson. Amanda, I know that you, and Bobby will be wonderful parents to him, just the way you are with Logan.

Here are just a few of the images from our rainbow maternity session.

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What Season Is Better For Portrait, & Engagement Sessions?

So often people will plan their portrait sessions, and not infuse their own personalities, and preferences into the mix. They simply copy what they see others doing on Pinterest, or Instagram. While it’s great to gather inspiration from those sources, don’t copy exactly what you see. 

This blog post, will be one of two in a mini-series about planning your own unique session that feels like you. The first step is very simple, you just have to answer one question: “What season is your favorite?” , or “What season holds the best memories for you?” 

My answer is fall all the way! Some of my best memories with friends, family, and business happen in the fall.

Below, I have images from every season that I have shot in, and each one is unique, and beautiful.

Spring: If you love fluffy flowers already in bloom, or are blooming(Cherry Blossom Trees are life, and  Dogwoods), if you love pastel colors, spring dresses, warm days that still turn into cool nights, then this is perfect for you.

Summer: The summer days are hot, but those summer evenings last, and last. The summer flowers are out in their full on bright colors(Red Hot Pokers are my favorite, and my second are Sunflowers!!). The sunsets later in the day, making an evening session so enjoyable.

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The Best of 2017

Is it crazy that 2017 is already coming to an end? It feels as though we should be in June or July, not in December, and about to celebrate Christmas, but here we are friends. I have had so many amazing sessions this year, and have gotten to work with some amazing industry peers. I really hope you enjoy this highlight reel, and a few outtakes.

2017 started off with a snow storm, and a storm in my personal life too. Little did I know that 2017 would be filled with challenges, but would also bless me with some amazing friends, old and new.

I had this crazy idea of shooting in Lowes Home Improvement, particularly in the light section. This was an experimental shoot, but Calle was up for it. We had so many laughs in between takes, because we had to dodge so many employees trying to catch us.

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Prudence McCabes Confections Downtown Mount Airy

I have had the enormous pleasure of meeting, working, and collaborating with Sue Heckman this year. This beautiful woman is the owner of, ‘Prudence McCabes Confections’ in Downtown Mount Airy, North Carolina. She literally is as sweet as the chocolate confections that she makes. She runs the business with her husband, and has done so for about 5 years now. My favorite is a double dark chocolate treat called, “The Fix”, and ladies, yes this was made for you in mind, for that once a month sweets craving. Sue is partnering with me to make some amazing confections for all of my 2017-2018 high school seniors, and couples that book with me. For now, I hope you enjoy these product shots, and head-shots of this amazing woman, and her business.

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The Importance of Professional Head Shots

Hello sweet friends! I recently had the wonderful opportunity to work with Hope Taylor Photography in Richmond, VA on some brand new head-shots for my business. If you didn’t hear, or see my Instagram in May, I have recently made several changes to my brand, and wanted head-shots to complete the new look. Head-shots are very important to a business, for several reasons, but I’ll stick to listing just 3 below.

1. It makes your brand look more professional.


This is before my branded head-shots, and below is the after.

It makes the whole website flow much smoother when all your images look the same. You are viewed more professionally.

2. Professional head-shots create trust.

— Along with having a more professional look to your website, clients will in return trust you more. When you use the same head-shot all across all social media platforms, potential clients immediately recognize you, and will start trusting your brand. If you are using different head-shots, or your images don’t all seem to match, it may start looking a little suspicious.

3. You will be helping a fellow creative in your industry. 

— We can all agree as creatives there are times in our businesses when we need a little help, or we just want to support a fellow creative who is just rocking it out in their business. While other photographers around me in my own community turned their backs on me, I still have always believed very strongly in community over competition. I love traveling all over the state to meet awesome creatives who share the same values, and thats why I packed up my car, and drove 3 1/2 hours away to Richmond, V.A., and met up with Hope Taylor. She’s super sweet, fun, and while we were talking it was as if I had known her forever!

Now, let’s get to the fun stuff. I am so excited to share with you my new head shots! Enjoy!

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Stephanie Camino Bakery Lifestyle Session

Hello friends! I am so excited to bring you Stephanie’s shoot from Saturday. She is such a joy to not only photography, but just to be around. We started out our afternoon with a quick stop by Starbucks, then on to downtown Winston. We stumbled on the local food truck festival that was happening, but then I quickly made things adventurous. I won’t go into details, but it may or may not have involved me going down a one way street. Thank the Lord, nothing was coming at the time, but as soon as we parked the car we could not stop laughing.

That’s pretty much how we spent our entire afternoon, talking, and laughing. I hope you enjoy these images just as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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2016: A Year In Review Part 1

2016, I can say was the most challenging year I have faced in a long time. It was more so in my personal life than in my business life, but what do you do when life knocks you to your knees? You pray, and you keep moving forward. So on into 2017 we go! I’ll share with you what I’ve learned, what is going to change, and more throughout the blog. Part II will be going up next Wednesday. I just had so many good highlights to show you. I really hope you enjoy seeing the highlights as you scroll down.

The beginning of this year was almost like a dream. Everything had started coming together, and I was putting myself out there more with my work. (Please notice the progression of my images throughout the course of this year) 

Over the years I have been so back and fourth with my photography, and I finally put my foot down, and said this will be a full time career. Before 2016 I had actually put down my camera for several months. I had been tired, worn,  restless, and just ready to give up. I wasn’t happy with the quality of work I produced, but something kept drawing me back to photography. So in January I started really thinking about where I wanted to be, and what I wanted out of photography. I wanted to start out specializing in high school senior portraits.


Why high school senior photography? My senior year was not the best it could have been, and I really wasn’t happy with the images that I received. Around this time I found, Hope Taylor Photography, and started listening, and reading her educational material. Something about it just hit me, and it started making sense.

I want to create an unforgettable senior experience for all high school seniors who cross my path. As of right now, I still want to work towards that goal. I want them to leave me happier, than when they came.


I love the friendship Kelsey, and Hannah have. They were just so fun to work with. This was the first attempt at trying to put together a senior styled shoot at Cross Creek Country Club. I still had a lot to learn at this time.








I wanted to keep up with my shooting, and continue to get better so I asked Abby if she wouldn’t mind letting me take her portrait. We met up, grabbed something sweet from Starbucks, and we headed off to TangleWood Park on this beautiful, but very cold day.




When it first it spring, and started to get warm, I took a day at the park just for myself. There are many things I would love to openly share with you about this day, but for personal reasons I want to keep that to myself. Just trust me when I say it was a beautiful, warm day full of love, and laughter. Full of memories that I will always treasure.


I couldn’t resist capturing this little couple just enjoying a nice day. Are they not precious? 

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Top 5 Must Haves For Photo Shoots

Top 5 Must Haves For PhotoShoots

There are 5 major things I love to bring with me, because you never know what will happen, or if someone forgets something. It really pays to be prepared.

Extra Bobby Pins

— Bobby pins are a must in case of hair emergencies, or you want to do a beautiful up-do for your portrait shoot.


— Tulle is just beautiful when you photograph it. So I always bring extra in different colors with me. You can use it for a backdrop on the go, or use it to add to your outfit. In Candra’s shoot we used tulle to add to her already beautiful black dress.

Sneek Peek, And What Does It Mean?


— I love bringing a variety of necklaces, and other things with me to add to the image. For example I used this necklace to add to my senior, Madison’s outfit. It had such a boho-chic vibe to it, and using this necklace as a headband worked out perfectly.

Dobson North Carolina Senior Session Dobson North Carolina Senior Session

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Apps For Editing on Your Phone || iPhone Edition

These apps are the only apps I am using at the moment for editing images taken on my iPhone. I currently use VSCOcam, and Afterlight. Those 2 are pretty much the only apps I need at the moment to edit my photos for Instagram use. I’ll show you how I use each one to get a consistent edit for my Instagram feed.

How To VSCOcam:

If you do that matte, film style of editing then VSCOcam is going to fit your needs perfectly. Especially for getting those dreamy black, and white images.

*You’ll notice that when you open up VSCOcam you will get a navigation system on the left-hand side. You can choose to either go ahead, and take an image with the app, or upload one you have recently taken on your phone to edit. To do that, simply tap or swipe on the text Library.

*You will see your images hosted here, and when you swipe down on the gallery it will reveal the upload sign (+). Click this to access your images. When you click on All Photos at the top you can choose where you would like to access your images from. I chose, ‘My Photo Stream’.

*Highlight your image you wish to edit, and you’ll notice you get some options at the bottom. The backwards flag icon simply un-highlights your image. The tools icon is were you will find your editing system. The arrow icon is how you will upload to your social media accounts. And of course the trash icon will delete the photo you no longer want.

*Click on your tools icon, and you will be given a lot of filters to choose one. I try to choose the one that fits my editing style the best, and then I simply adjust it. I chose T1, and now if I tap on it again a scale shows up. So if it’s a bit too much for my editing style I can simply choose to bring it down to my desired taste. Click the check icon, and you are done.

*Now if you want to edit your images a little bit more then click on the white strip with the downward facing arrow. The tool icon again will lead you to more advanced tools to edit with. You can adjust the temperature of the image, the contrast, hue/saturation, etc. The backwards arrow will re-adjust the last edit you made on your image, and the u-shaped image will revert it back to it’s original state.

*Once your image looks consistent click the check icon, and it will take you back to the Library where you are ready to upload your image.Apps For Editing Images || iPhone Edition

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