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Late Fall Wedding At Still Waters Event Venue

This year rain has seemed to be the theme of every wedding so Brianna & Bradley’s wedding was no exception. They held their beautiful, late fall wedding at Still Waters Wedding & Event Venue. They both have a love for rustic charm, and this venue is all of that and more! (I shared all about on their engagement post.)

I arrived early to the venue, and was met by Emily, Brianna’s sister-in-law, and she pointed the way to the bridal suite. As I came inside Still Waters Barn Venue I was greeted by a nervous Brianna who was making sure every last minute detail was perfect, along with her family. Brianna’s family was there to make sure her vision for this wedding came true. Her immediate family, who lives in Florida, flew up early to help decorate the entire venue. They even did a quick change & made it into the reception hall after the ceremony.

Before long her family made her go into her bridal suite to start getting ready for her big day. Her grandmother, flower girls, & Emily were with her as she was getting ready. They made sure to help her get rid of those wedding nerves by singing songs, dancing, but also sharing their heart with her. There was one presence missing though. Although her birth mother passed away, Brianna & her family made sure her presence could be felt. As she was getting ready she placed a blue flower on the inside of her wedding dress as a tribute to her. (Can you say water works??) 

Finally it was time for her dad to come in. She told me right before he came in, “He’s not going to cry. He never shows emotion like that.” Oh boy. As soon as he saw Brianna, tears welled up in his eyes, & they both held onto each other as they spent a few moments alone before he walked her down the aisle. Their wedding was a very intimate, with it only be family from both sides, but that just made this whole day joyful.

Brianna & Bradley, thank you for inviting me to be apart of your big special day. I pray that your life is filled with joy, and that you get everything you desire. Cheers to you both!



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Intimate Golden Hour Wedding

Hi friends! I’m so thrilled for you to see this intimate, golden hour wedding for Melody & Chris Chamberlain. Wait until you see the front of their house! It’s beautiful! It reminds me of an old plantation style house right in the middle of Winston-Salem. Since we didn’t do an engagement session like I normally do for all my couples, today you are going to hear their story.

Chris & Melody met like so many couples do, through mutual friends. She started working with Tarpley family as a nanny in 2014. Well, Melody is a bit of a thrill seeker, and loves skydiving. She was getting ready to go on her second trip, and wanted to have someone with her. She tried to get the 3 Tarpley brothers to go with her, but they all declined. One of the brothers mentioned that his best friend would love to go. (That would be Chris)

On May 31st of 2014 they both met each other for the first time. Going skydiving ya’ll! Can you imagine?  They stayed in touch through Facebook, and would occasionally see each other at get-together’s for the Tarpley’s. Litle did they know life was about to take a drastic turn.

The family that Melody loved so much, and had worked for, passed away in a tragic event. Chris & Melody had become such good friends at this point, they had each other to lean on to get through the hard times. When Melody fell into depression Chris immediately suggested that she get out of the house. He introduced her to some of his friends, and after that one thing led to another. And here we are today. Celebrating their marriage!

Melody & Chris, thank you for letting me share in this special day with you. And thank you for sharing your story with me. It seems like just yesterday, Melody, you were out in the fields helping me become a better photographer. I cherish those fun times we had, and now you’re all grown up. (Tissues please!) Chris, take care of her. (And I know you will.)  I look forward to watch you have a family of your own.



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The Manor House at Tanglewood Park Engagement Session

I was so excited to photograph this engagement session for Brianna & Bradley at The Manor House, at Tanglewood. I first met Brianna when she moved here from Florida, and had started training with me at Chick-fil-a.  Of course she was already a natural, since her dad is an Operator at one of the Chick-fil-a’s in Florida.  It was a “pleasure” getting to know her heart. We have since worked together to create her senior session, and now she’s getting married!! *Cue the heart eyes!*

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How to Plan For Your Portrait & Engagement Session

Often people look around gaining inspiration for their portrait, or engagement session from Pinterest, and Instagram. They spend hours pinning, and creating the “perfect” session board, only to find in the end they are unhappy with their session when the images are delivered.


They didn’t infuse their personalities, or story into any of their images. Your story is your life, and is filled the things that make you, YOU! You can’t copy that. So let’s dive right in to planning YOUR session.

Choosing the RIGHT Photographer FOR YOU!

— Photographers all have different styles of images, and different personalities, so choosing someone that fits with you is essential to planning your session. If you have a bright, bubbly personality, and you want that conveyed in your images,  you wouldn’t want to go with someone who has a darker, edgier style. For me, when I’ve planned my own sessions, I make sure to go with photographers whose personalities match mine. For my head-shots, I went with Hope Taylor, who has a bright, bubbly personality, and our styles just seemed to fit really well. It made the whole experience flow seamlessly, and we constantly laughed through the entire session.


— I always encourage clients to think of a location that is special to them, or I help them choose a location that fits their personality, and style. For a high school senior, they may want to choose to have their session downtown in the city, because that’s relevant to their style. For a couple, it could be the place they had their first date, or the place he proposed.


— Long gone are the days of the white button up, and denim jeans(thank goodness!). This is where choosing the right photographer can help you decide on what to wear as well. If you want a more luxurious feel, and look to your images try that cute LBD, a pair of pumps, and statement jewelry. If you’re style is laid back, and casual, go for minimal jewelry, a nice pair of jeans with emphasis on the shoes, and pair your casual top with a jacket.

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What Season Is Better For Portrait, & Engagement Sessions?

So often people will plan their portrait sessions, and not infuse their own personalities, and preferences into the mix. They simply copy what they see others doing on Pinterest, or Instagram. While it’s great to gather inspiration from those sources, don’t copy exactly what you see. 

This blog post, will be one of two in a mini-series about planning your own unique session that feels like you. The first step is very simple, you just have to answer one question: “What season is your favorite?” , or “What season holds the best memories for you?” 

My answer is fall all the way! Some of my best memories with friends, family, and business happen in the fall.

Below, I have images from every season that I have shot in, and each one is unique, and beautiful.

Spring: If you love fluffy flowers already in bloom, or are blooming(Cherry Blossom Trees are life, and  Dogwoods), if you love pastel colors, spring dresses, warm days that still turn into cool nights, then this is perfect for you.

Summer: The summer days are hot, but those summer evenings last, and last. The summer flowers are out in their full on bright colors(Red Hot Pokers are my favorite, and my second are Sunflowers!!). The sunsets later in the day, making an evening session so enjoyable.

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The Best of 2017

Is it crazy that 2017 is already coming to an end? It feels as though we should be in June or July, not in December, and about to celebrate Christmas, but here we are friends. I have had so many amazing sessions this year, and have gotten to work with some amazing industry peers. I really hope you enjoy this highlight reel, and a few outtakes.

2017 started off with a snow storm, and a storm in my personal life too. Little did I know that 2017 would be filled with challenges, but would also bless me with some amazing friends, old and new.

I had this crazy idea of shooting in Lowes Home Improvement, particularly in the light section. This was an experimental shoot, but Calle was up for it. We had so many laughs in between takes, because we had to dodge so many employees trying to catch us.

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Groundhog Mountain Blueridge Parkway Engagement Session

One of my favorite things during an engagement session is to hear the story of how my couples got together. After they went back, and fourth over who would tell the story, they went in together to tell this one.  Harlie, and Tyler both went to the same elementary school, and of course she had a crush on him, and it turns out he had one on her too, but they never talked. Harlie ended up moving to a different school. The years passed, and she ended up seeing him pop up on her social media, and she knew exactly who he was. After four days of Snapchatting, and texting, they finally went on their first date together at a local restaurant, Chili Rojo. After they met there, they went to the movies, and ever since then they have been inseparable.

I cannot tell you what an honor it was to photograph their sweet engagement. I hope you enjoy these images!

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Why Should You Plan Your Wedding With Your Photographer?

Hi friends! Remember last week when I did Planning Your Engagement Session: The Guide (If not then go read that first, and come back here)? Well, here’s the planning your wedding portion of that post. As I stated in the last post, planning a wedding is no easy task. You have to think of a million, and one things all at once. There is picking out a florist, choosing a venue, choosing a hair-stylist, and make-up artist, deciding what type of wedding dress suits you, helping brides-maids pick out their dresses, etc. The list goes on, and on.

That’s one reason why I’m here to help you. Yes, I am a photographer, but I’m going to tell you why you should invest in your photographer. When you invest in a photographer, not only are you getting their photography skills, and expertise, but you are getting their knowledge of the wedding industry too.

Here are my top 3 reasons of why you should invest in your wedding photographer:

Connections in the wedding industry

–Many photographers, myself included, like to get to know their industry peers. So if you are looking for a florist, a venue, a dress designer, make-up artist, hair-stylist, etc. Your photographer probably has a list just waiting for you. I love giving out my personal recommendation list.

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Romantic Mt. Airy Summer Session

This beautiful, romantic downtown Mt. Airy session still has me all heart eyes. As soon as Abi, and Omar arrived I knew this session was going to be very chill, and full of golden hour cuddles. I remember Omar telling me how him, and Abi met, and I feel like my little business had some very, small part in them being together.

Abi had added Omar on Instagram, not long after she had a session with me, he started to inquire about her, and the rest is history. Every time I see an Instagram post of these two I start swooning, and I hope that you do too after seeing these images.

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