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North Carolina Rainbow Maternity Session

I have been very blessed to work with this sweet lady again. Amanda and I go way back to the good ole’ kindergarten days. Yep. Bonding over recess, and nap times. Flash forward to the days where I started experimenting with photography, and started thinking about becoming a career later on. She always wanted me there to document those little memories, and I will forever be grateful to her for that. I got to watch her son Logan grow, and how he’s such a little man now! Now, here we are again, after a devastating miscarriage, to celebrate a little life that’s about to come into the world, a baby boy named Jaxson. Amanda, I know that you, and Bobby will be wonderful parents to him, just the way you are with Logan.

Here are just a few of the images from our rainbow maternity session.

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How to Plan For Your Portrait & Engagement Session

Often people look around gaining inspiration for their portrait, or engagement session from Pinterest, and Instagram. They spend hours pinning, and creating the “perfect” session board, only to find in the end they are unhappy with their session when the images are delivered.


They didn’t infuse their personalities, or story into any of their images. Your story is your life, and is filled the things that make you, YOU! You can’t copy that. So let’s dive right in to planning YOUR session.

Choosing the RIGHT Photographer FOR YOU!

— Photographers all have different styles of images, and different personalities, so choosing someone that fits with you is essential to planning your session. If you have a bright, bubbly personality, and you want that conveyed in your images,  you wouldn’t want to go with someone who has a darker, edgier style. For me, when I’ve planned my own sessions, I make sure to go with photographers whose personalities match mine. For my head-shots, I went with Hope Taylor, who has a bright, bubbly personality, and our styles just seemed to fit really well. It made the whole experience flow seamlessly, and we constantly laughed through the entire session.


— I always encourage clients to think of a location that is special to them, or I help them choose a location that fits their personality, and style. For a high school senior, they may want to choose to have their session downtown in the city, because that’s relevant to their style. For a couple, it could be the place they had their first date, or the place he proposed.


— Long gone are the days of the white button up, and denim jeans(thank goodness!). This is where choosing the right photographer can help you decide on what to wear as well. If you want a more luxurious feel, and look to your images try that cute LBD, a pair of pumps, and statement jewelry. If you’re style is laid back, and casual, go for minimal jewelry, a nice pair of jeans with emphasis on the shoes, and pair your casual top with a jacket.

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What Season Is Better For Portrait, & Engagement Sessions?

So often people will plan their portrait sessions, and not infuse their own personalities, and preferences into the mix. They simply copy what they see others doing on Pinterest, or Instagram. While it’s great to gather inspiration from those sources, don’t copy exactly what you see. 

This blog post, will be one of two in a mini-series about planning your own unique session that feels like you. The first step is very simple, you just have to answer one question: “What season is your favorite?” , or “What season holds the best memories for you?” 

My answer is fall all the way! Some of my best memories with friends, family, and business happen in the fall.

Below, I have images from every season that I have shot in, and each one is unique, and beautiful.

Spring: If you love fluffy flowers already in bloom, or are blooming(Cherry Blossom Trees are life, and  Dogwoods), if you love pastel colors, spring dresses, warm days that still turn into cool nights, then this is perfect for you.

Summer: The summer days are hot, but those summer evenings last, and last. The summer flowers are out in their full on bright colors(Red Hot Pokers are my favorite, and my second are Sunflowers!!). The sunsets later in the day, making an evening session so enjoyable.

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The ULTIMATE Gift Guide For Women

Hey there friends! As promised here is a gift guide for all the special women in your life. These gifts range from budget friendly brands to the high end brands. I tried to make this gift guide super easy, and accessible for you, and I tied in some last minute options too.

I love giving gifts, it’s one of my love languages, and it makes me happy when the people in my life love the thought, and time I put into getting gifts for them. I’m sure you are the same way too, and that’s why you’re here gathering ideas.


Of course this one seems to be the go-to when shopping for any holiday, but especially valentines day. For this gift I can’t guide you on the expensive side of things(like diamond bracelets or necklaces, although if you want to gift me with one I wouldn’t object to that. 😉  ), but I can show you some really beautiful, and budget friendly options that they will love.

If you want something a little different, and out of the norm, Etsy is your go to place. You can find any style, and even personalize it if you wish. I love shopping on Etsy, because no two people will have the same items. Everything is very unique.

H&M, Vici Dolls, and Rue 21 are all great places to pick jewelry up at. *Here’s a hint: Rose Gold flatters every skin tone. So if you’re unsure of what to buy, always go with rose gold.


Here I’m going to list a few of my absolute favorite products that I have tested out, and used.

Too Faced is a brand I love so much, and their Sweet Heart Flush Blush is amazing. I use Candy Glow, because it compliments a pale skin tone better than orange tones would. The blush itself  multi-colored, but when blended together they create a beautiful glow on the skin, and makes your complexion look healthy. It’s not over done, it’s just right. They have 3 different shades to choose from.

 Urban Decay’s Anti-Aging Eye Shadow Primer Potion is worth the price tag. I have had mine for over a year, and I use it almost daily. All you need is a little bit on each eye to make your eye shadow stand out, and last all day. Even when I don’t use eye shadow I still wear it to cover the purplish veins on my eye lids, and make my make-up look a little more flawless.

Beauty Blenders blend your foundation flawlessly onto your skin, and it’s hard for me to even go back to using brushes now. You can spring for the original Beauty Blender, or if you need one that’s a little more budget friendly you can buy the Real Techniques Sponge Applicator.

For skin care I cannot recommend these products enough:

Biore Self-Heating One Minute Charcoal Mask — This is great for clearing your skin of breakouts, and for a deep clean. When you first put it on you will feel a burst of warmth, wait one minute, and your skin will feel so much better!! [Note**: You can buy these in any drug store cheaper than you can online]

Shea Moisture Masks are incredible. They make your skin feel so clean, and good. I have been able to find these masks at Wal-Mart. I use the Coconut & Hibiscus Radiance Mud Mask, and the African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask.

*Gift Cards

Of course gift cards are everyone’s go to whether you are in a pinch, or you want to put a lot on these to surprise your special person. I love giving gift cards to those I know appreciate them, and use them throughout the year. So I’ll pick a place they frequent, either get a card with a set amount on it, or if I can find one, I’ll grab one where I can set the amount myself.


If you’re coming from the Girl Boss Gift Guide this may same seem redundant, but women love stationary! We love writing things down on pretty note pads, sticky notes, decorative journals, etc. You can even find some really cute pens out there too. Home Goods, and Target carry a lot of beautiful stationary for a great price. Etsy carries customized stationary , and one-of-a-kind journals.

If you really want to spoil your person, or if your person love luxury check out The White Company.  Oh’ Hello Friend, has been one of my favorite small businesses online to support especially when it comes to buying unique stationary.

*Home Decor

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Gift Guide For The Girl Boss

Valentines Day is coming up, and maybe you want to get that special girl boss in your life something she’ll love. I have complied a list of my favorite things everything from digital products to paper.

Don’t know a girl boss, but want to get your loved something special? Stay tuned, next week I will have another gift guide coming out.


This personally, is one of my favorite things to receive, especially when its cute! I always have ideas floating around, and while you can jot these down in the ‘Notes’ section of your phone when your out, I still love keeping cute little notebooks on hand at my desk. Even though I don’t really need them, sticky notes have made their way into my must haves.

Of course, you can never have too many pens. I usually end up losing over half of my pens so I buy in bulk. I know pens don’t seem like an ideal gift, but when you package everything together you can create something your girl boss will love!


I use to be a huge bookworm, and would spend hours in the school library trying to pick out good reads. Of course now that I am a boss, I find that I only get to read in 30 minute increments, but I have compiled a list of good reads that girl boss of yours may just love.

Here are some non-business book finds that she may love too. I find that when I’m overwhelmed, and need to get the creative juices flowing again reading something non-related to business does the trick.


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Downtown Winston-Salem City Senior Session

I don’t think I could ever get tired of shooting in cities, or photographing seniors like Joseph. This guy right here has the biggest heart, and I know it’s apparent to everyone around him. As of right now, he is learning Chinese, and gearing up to leave the small town life for missions. He will be with a missions team in Hong Kong for 2 years! They will be traveling to different parts throughout those two years, but Joseph already loves the culture, so I am sure he’s going to enjoy himself while he is there. I am excited for him, and cannot wait to hear stories of the impact they will make while there.

Joseph was born, and raised in a bigger city, and then his family made the decision to move to the small town scene, and it was a big adjustment for him. So having his session in the Art Walk District of Winston-Salem seemed like the perfect place for him.

I hope you enjoy these images!

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It’s All About YOU!

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. — Maya Angelou

Did you know that today is National Get To Know Your Customer Day? Of course, everyday at LHP is get to know your customer day, and I feel so blessed to know all of the wonderful people that I cross paths with.

My mission at Light & Hope Photography is to build relationships, and provide service with a heart. I love sitting down with potential clients, and booked clients to talk about their story. With my high school seniors I love hearing all the fun stories they’ve experienced during their high school years such as accomplishments, to struggles, to this whole new season of transition, and the future. They’re always so fun, and full of energy, and it brings something new to each senior I photograph.

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The Best of 2017

Is it crazy that 2017 is already coming to an end? It feels as though we should be in June or July, not in December, and about to celebrate Christmas, but here we are friends. I have had so many amazing sessions this year, and have gotten to work with some amazing industry peers. I really hope you enjoy this highlight reel, and a few outtakes.

2017 started off with a snow storm, and a storm in my personal life too. Little did I know that 2017 would be filled with challenges, but would also bless me with some amazing friends, old and new.

I had this crazy idea of shooting in Lowes Home Improvement, particularly in the light section. This was an experimental shoot, but Calle was up for it. We had so many laughs in between takes, because we had to dodge so many employees trying to catch us.

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Light & Hope Spokes-Model Program

Hi there friends, this is an exciting time. I have launched my very first major spokes-model program for high school seniors graduating in 2019. I am excited, and you should be excited for everything too. When you are chosen to be apart of this team, you not only are representing my business, but you are getting the chance to build a supportive community around you.

High School is hard, especially with trying to decide on which college to go with, spending hours upon hours studying, and writing papers instead of going out with your friends. It’s hard. That’s why I decided to put this program together to give 10 girls a chance to have some fun throughout their senior year. To reward themselves for all their hard work, and to give mom, and dad priceless memories  of your senior year.

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KayMarie’s Downtown Mt. Airy, and Pilot Mountain Senior Session

When Kay-Marie first contacted me about wanting to do her senior session, and mentioned she had this Indiana Jones style hat she wanted to wear, I knew we were in for an awesome session. This girl, is very focused, and very determined, and I love that about her. She not only manages to keep up with her studies, but is also working on a novel, and she is a musician.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her play in our town, and she sounded amazing. I am excited to see where this girl goes in her life! I really hope you enjoy seeing this session, because I had a blast working with Kay-Marie and her family.

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