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Fox Hunters Paradise Shoot

Fox Hunters Paradise has become one of my favorite spots on the Blue Ridge Parkway to visit, and it only takes me about 30 minutes to reach these amazing views. Becky, and I had been planning to go to the Parkway when the leaves started turning colors. I had a day that I wasn’t going to be busy on, and so we went for it. It turned out to be cold, foggy, and a little windy, but it was such a fun day.


One of my loves is helping others who want to learn photography. I don’t feel threatened by it, I encourage it. Anytime I get the chance to help someone who wants to learn, I take it.


Her son Nathan, wanted to be in all the images with her which was so precious. I am not a family photographer, but I just couldn’t resist shooting some images with this cutie. 🙂


He also wanted to become adventurous, and try to climb the rock wall.


I love these little hidden moments.






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Happy Birthday + Update

Hello everyone! I know that I have been missing for a week, and I am so sorry about that. Last week turned out to be insanely busy to the point where all I was doing was sleeping, eating, and working (in that order). I was off on Saturday, and we went to Stone Mountain for my little brother’s birthday. Of course I wasn’t happy about getting up early, but it was worth it. To hike the trails, see the beautiful waterfall, and of course the huge stone face of the mountain. In certain parts of the park I felt like I was in the musical, “The Sound of Music”.

The trails are hard(well, for me at least. I don’t hike very often), but are so peaceful, and beautiful.

Stone Mountain State Park

Stone Mountain State Park

 I wish we could’ve hiked up the summit, but we had my grandmother with us, so she couldn’t make the trip up there, but she did make it to right here. This is where you start your descent to the falls. So she sat on a bench she found, and told us just to go on ahead.

Stone Mountain State Park Stone Mountain State Park Stone Mountain State Park

If you want a workout, just hike down to these falls. These steps will get your legs in shape faster than any workout will. There is nothing but rows, and rows, and rows of steps.

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Carolina Beach North Carolina|| Vacation 2015

Hello lovelies! This whole week we are on vacation, but I can’t resist posting this fun peek at our time in Carolina Beach, NC.

Carolina Beach North Carolina

One of the first things we did was stop at the Fort Fisher Aquarium. No matter how many aquariums I go to, I will always love going to see all the different species of wildlife, and marine life.

Carolina Beach: Fort Fisher Aquarium

The albino alligators are my favorite. Alligators are quite a bit smaller than their crocodile friends.Carolina Beach: Fort Fisher Aquarium You had to really squint to see that little tree frog on the left. He is definitely the master of hiding from predators. This little green snake on your right stared very intensely at my camera when I pointed it at him. I don’t think he appreciated his photo being taken.

Carolina Beach: Fort Fisher Aquarium Every time I went to snap a good photo of this sea turtle he would turn his head, and start swimming away. Carolina Beach: Fort Fisher Aquarium The stingray up top was all too happy to have his photograph Very curious little creatures. The starfish is my favorite! Carolina Beach: Fort Fisher Aquarium

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Our Asheville, Boone North Carolina Vacation Week

Here recently my family and I had the privilege of taking off from work for a week, and just enjoy life. We went to the Biltmore House, and Boone. Then we just kicked it here for the 4th of July, and relaxed the weekend away.

Light & Hope PhotographyCould you imagine living in this house??? You would literally have to have guests staying over every weekend, just so you wouldn’t have to stay here by yourself.

Also, do you guys recognize this view from the movie Richie Rich?? I totally remember that movie, so when I saw the stairs leading up to this balcony area I had to go up, and grab this photograph.

Light & Hope Photography

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