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Pilot Mountain Anniversary Mini-Session

Two weeks ago I photographed my wonderful friends anniversary session on Pilot Mountain(This is one of my favorite locations, so you may see it alot of this year!). I have known Bethany for a few of years now due to my day job. I remember when she first met Austin, & how excited she was.

She would come in to work smiling, and being all giggly. When they got engaged, I remember her smile growing even brighter & bigger. When I received the wedding invitation, I was elated! I love weddings, and when it’s my friends. Holy. Moly! Cue all the smiles, & water works! (Yes, weddings really do make me that happy.)

I remember sitting out in the pew on the day of her wedding, anticipating the moment she would come down the aisle. Listening to the beautiful music being played by one of my LHP seniors on the piano. Watching the little flower girls throwing petals in their beautiful, white & gold sparkly dresses. Then the bridesmaids, who seemed to glide down the aisle, in those gold sequin dresses & beautiful pink bouquets.

Then everything just stopped. Silence. The door swung open. Everyone was peering around each other trying to sneak a peek at the bride. The music started once more. Here came the bride, side by side with her dad. Her beautiful lace covered wedding dress just all around her with each step. In that moment, I’m pretty sure I saw Austin shedding tears at the altar.

Now, they have been married for 1 year. (*Cue the confetti!*)

Bethany and Austin, I pray for nothing, but happiness for you both. You have a deeply rooted faith & you keep each other grounded. Always remember that as long as you keep Christ in the center of your relationship, you can make it through anything. I’m so blessed to know you. Happy one year! Cheers to many, many, many more years of memories together.

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The ULTIMATE Gift Guide For Women

Hey there friends! As promised here is a gift guide for all the special women in your life. These gifts range from budget friendly brands to the high end brands. I tried to make this gift guide super easy, and accessible for you, and I tied in some last minute options too.

I love giving gifts, it’s one of my love languages, and it makes me happy when the people in my life love the thought, and time I put into getting gifts for them. I’m sure you are the same way too, and that’s why you’re here gathering ideas.


Of course this one seems to be the go-to when shopping for any holiday, but especially valentines day. For this gift I can’t guide you on the expensive side of things(like diamond bracelets or necklaces, although if you want to gift me with one I wouldn’t object to that. 😉  ), but I can show you some really beautiful, and budget friendly options that they will love.

If you want something a little different, and out of the norm, Etsy is your go to place. You can find any style, and even personalize it if you wish. I love shopping on Etsy, because no two people will have the same items. Everything is very unique.

H&M, Vici Dolls, and Rue 21 are all great places to pick jewelry up at. *Here’s a hint: Rose Gold flatters every skin tone. So if you’re unsure of what to buy, always go with rose gold.


Here I’m going to list a few of my absolute favorite products that I have tested out, and used.

Too Faced is a brand I love so much, and their Sweet Heart Flush Blush is amazing. I use Candy Glow, because it compliments a pale skin tone better than orange tones would. The blush itself  multi-colored, but when blended together they create a beautiful glow on the skin, and makes your complexion look healthy. It’s not over done, it’s just right. They have 3 different shades to choose from.

 Urban Decay’s Anti-Aging Eye Shadow Primer Potion is worth the price tag. I have had mine for over a year, and I use it almost daily. All you need is a little bit on each eye to make your eye shadow stand out, and last all day. Even when I don’t use eye shadow I still wear it to cover the purplish veins on my eye lids, and make my make-up look a little more flawless.

Beauty Blenders blend your foundation flawlessly onto your skin, and it’s hard for me to even go back to using brushes now. You can spring for the original Beauty Blender, or if you need one that’s a little more budget friendly you can buy the Real Techniques Sponge Applicator.

For skin care I cannot recommend these products enough:

Biore Self-Heating One Minute Charcoal Mask — This is great for clearing your skin of breakouts, and for a deep clean. When you first put it on you will feel a burst of warmth, wait one minute, and your skin will feel so much better!! [Note**: You can buy these in any drug store cheaper than you can online]

Shea Moisture Masks are incredible. They make your skin feel so clean, and good. I have been able to find these masks at Wal-Mart. I use the Coconut & Hibiscus Radiance Mud Mask, and the African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask.

*Gift Cards

Of course gift cards are everyone’s go to whether you are in a pinch, or you want to put a lot on these to surprise your special person. I love giving gift cards to those I know appreciate them, and use them throughout the year. So I’ll pick a place they frequent, either get a card with a set amount on it, or if I can find one, I’ll grab one where I can set the amount myself.


If you’re coming from the Girl Boss Gift Guide this may same seem redundant, but women love stationary! We love writing things down on pretty note pads, sticky notes, decorative journals, etc. You can even find some really cute pens out there too. Home Goods, and Target carry a lot of beautiful stationary for a great price. Etsy carries customized stationary , and one-of-a-kind journals.

If you really want to spoil your person, or if your person love luxury check out The White Company.  Oh’ Hello Friend, has been one of my favorite small businesses online to support especially when it comes to buying unique stationary.

*Home Decor

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Gift Guide For The Girl Boss

Valentines Day is coming up, and maybe you want to get that special girl boss in your life something she’ll love. I have complied a list of my favorite things everything from digital products to paper.

Don’t know a girl boss, but want to get your loved something special? Stay tuned, next week I will have another gift guide coming out.


This personally, is one of my favorite things to receive, especially when its cute! I always have ideas floating around, and while you can jot these down in the ‘Notes’ section of your phone when your out, I still love keeping cute little notebooks on hand at my desk. Even though I don’t really need them, sticky notes have made their way into my must haves.

Of course, you can never have too many pens. I usually end up losing over half of my pens so I buy in bulk. I know pens don’t seem like an ideal gift, but when you package everything together you can create something your girl boss will love!


I use to be a huge bookworm, and would spend hours in the school library trying to pick out good reads. Of course now that I am a boss, I find that I only get to read in 30 minute increments, but I have compiled a list of good reads that girl boss of yours may just love.

Here are some non-business book finds that she may love too. I find that when I’m overwhelmed, and need to get the creative juices flowing again reading something non-related to business does the trick.


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Matthews 26th Birthday Cookout || Personal

For those of you who may be new, and may not know I have one younger brother named Matthew. He’s 3 years younger than I am, and on August 27th, 2017 he turned 26 years old. He’s a very quiet, and shy individual so we had a low-key cookout with just family, and we had so much fun. We had his favorite type of cake, chocolate with chocolate icing, and vanilla ice cream(you thought I was going to say chocolate didn’t you?).  I hope that you enjoy some of these highlights.

You can never tell if my dog, Rascal, is enjoying himself. Every time the camera turns to him, he does the following:

Or my person favorite, this one below. He really does not like it when I take images of him.

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5 Ways to Relax, and Free Your Mind

Last year the to-do lists became bigger, and bigger by the day. I found myself being like a hermit crab, and staying in my leggings, over-sized sweaters, and fuzzy socks, working until late in the night. After I did this for a while, I found myself getting burnt out, and not taking care of myself at all. Does any of this sound familiar to my fellow, creative entrepreneurs out there? So at the beginning of this year I promised that I would take better care of myself. I started with getting a schedule together in my business, and adding in times to stop working. For me this is really hard, because my brain has a tendency to keep going, and going, and going, and it’s hard to shut off the work brain.

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Fox Hunters Paradise Shoot

Fox Hunters Paradise has become one of my favorite spots on the Blue Ridge Parkway to visit, and it only takes me about 30 minutes to reach these amazing views. Becky, and I had been planning to go to the Parkway when the leaves started turning colors. I had a day that I wasn’t going to be busy on, and so we went for it. It turned out to be cold, foggy, and a little windy, but it was such a fun day.


One of my loves is helping others who want to learn photography. I don’t feel threatened by it, I encourage it. Anytime I get the chance to help someone who wants to learn, I take it.


Her son Nathan, wanted to be in all the images with her which was so precious. I am not a family photographer, but I just couldn’t resist shooting some images with this cutie. 🙂


He also wanted to become adventurous, and try to climb the rock wall.


I love these little hidden moments.






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The Road to Recovery

I made all these big plans last week for what I would do to promote my business, I had a couple of blog post ideas that I thought I would launch, but all that came to a screeching halt on 08.30.16 at 9:00 a.m.

I had a little trouble sleeping the night before, and had to work a long shift that day so I thought I would try to sleep in for a bit longer. All of a sudden I heard the door fly open, and a rush of foot steps heading towards my bedroom door. My dad bursts into the room in a panic, and  starts shouting, “Something terrible has happened, get up!” I asked him, “What’s going on? What happened?” That’s when he told me our little boy, Rascal, was hit. He said, “He’s still alive, he just took off yelping, and I don’t know where he went.” After searching for about 20 minutes(what felt like an eternity for me), we finally heard him yelp from under a nearby bush.

The poor little thing was in such shock that he was completely white from head to toe, and holding up his right leg. I finally was able to catch him, and hold him still long enough for my brother to get our truck so we could take him to the vet. Once we got him there someone was able to come out, and help us lift him. We waited for about 40 minutes so they could do a full x-ray on him, and so they could give him pain injections.

When we finally got to talk to the vet, they gave s a pretty grim prognosis: A broken pelvis bone, and he may lose the use of his leg. My head was pretty much spinning at this point, and spinning even harder once they told us what we could for him. Surgery would actually be ideal for him, so they could put a plate in his hip, but it was way out of our price range($2,000-$5,000). The other options they gave me over the next day or so had me so upset I didn’t really know what would be in his best interest. They told me I could put him to sleep so we wouldn’t be in anymore pain, or put him on cage rest for 4-6 weeks because the bone could heal with time. 

I wrestled with what to do only because I didn’t want my little boy to be in any pain, and it was so hard to watch him. After talking with God, and praying about what to do I ultimately decided to keep in on cage rest. I am so glad I made that decision, because he is sitting right beside me, and already doing so much better.

When we brought him home, he did yelp whenever my brother would pick him up to go outside to do his business, or whenever he would try to move too much. It’s been less than a week, and he’s only yelped once since those first couple of days, and he’s been picking himself up. His mood is already improving every single day, and I am hopeful that he’s going to be well very soon.

He’s our little miracle boy, and I can’t wait to see him running around outside very soon.


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Why Starting Your Business Young Is A Great Idea

Today I want to share with you, why I think starting your business while you are young is a fantastic idea.


If you are blessed enough to figure out what your passion is, and want to go for it while you are still in school, or just graduated, or even in your late twenties, then I want to say, ‘Kudos to you!’. Some people will go most of their life not knowing what they are really good at, or just have to get a job to make rent, and pay the bills.

At this time in my life, I’m not in a relationship, and I don’t have children so this is the prime time for me(personally) to start a full time business. Honestly, that is the best time to start a business, when you are experiencing more free time than most. So if you are single right now, enjoy this season, and get creative with the time you have. You will never have this free moment again.

Get Creative With The Time You Have

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DIY: Make Your Own Glitter Print

Hello beautiful! Welcome to TGIF here on the blog today. We are going to do something fun, and inspiring. We are going to make our very own glitter print!

**Special Note Before We begin: I learned to do this from LaurDIY’s YouTube channel. I just wanted to share with you this fun process, and expand more on this creative artwork. 

These glitter prints can make great presents for any holiday, or occasion. Before anyone asks, no the glitter doesn’t come off the print very easily.DIY Glitter Print

The things you will need for this DIY project are:

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My Camera Collection

Light & Hope Photography

I have always loved cameras, whether they be old cameras, or new cameras. Today I wanted to share with you my budding little camera collection.

It’s no secret that I love photography, and not to be cliche or anything, but I guess it really did start when I was little. My very first camera, which I sadly don’t have anymore, was a little point, and squirt. Yes, you saw right. It was a squirting water camera. As you can see, my camera collection has actually grown up quite a bit since those days.

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