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How To Be A Business Owner While Overcoming Anxiety, Or Depression

Hello friends! If you are checking to see if you read the title wrong, I promise, you didn’t. This is something I kept feeling a pressing to write on, so I pray you find this helpful in your life.

How can you run a business while dealing with anxiety, or depression?

 I’m writing from a place of personal experience, and it’s hard, but not impossible. Most people deal with a minor form of anxiety, but still accomplish their goals, and lead a pretty active social life. As for me, it got to a point where I was trapped inside my house, and felt panicked if I tried to do anything different outside of hiding behind my computer working (i.e: “Working” on Facebook, “Working” on my website, “Working” on projects). I wanted to look busy so that nobody knew what was really happening, so often my statuses would result in, “I’m “working” on something”. Whats even worse is that I felt trapped inside myself. I wanted to be pro-active, I wasn’t a lazy person, I knew how to work hard, but I felt so paralyzed to do anything. During this time period, I was essentially jobless, broke, lost a few friends during that hard season of life, and that’s when depression hit, and it hit hard.

My parents realized how critical it had gotten, when I made a comment, “I just don’t want to be here anymore”. Immediately they prayed with me, and soon after that I started to feel hopeful again. There were days I had to work harder than others to feel okay, but the more I prayed the better things became. Today I am enjoying life more than I ever have before, and I find myself laughing more than I ever have before. It wasn’t an easy road to get here, but it is possible, and so worth it.

Maybe you’re reading this right now, and realizing you’ve been to that point, or maybe you’re in the middle of going through this right now. Whatever the case may be, I want you to know that you are here for a reason. You have a purpose, and you can still be a successful business owner. 


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2016: A Year In Review Part 1

2016, I can say was the most challenging year I have faced in a long time. It was more so in my personal life than in my business life, but what do you do when life knocks you to your knees? You pray, and you keep moving forward. So on into 2017 we go! I’ll share with you what I’ve learned, what is going to change, and more throughout the blog. Part II will be going up next Wednesday. I just had so many good highlights to show you. I really hope you enjoy seeing the highlights as you scroll down.

The beginning of this year was almost like a dream. Everything had started coming together, and I was putting myself out there more with my work. (Please notice the progression of my images throughout the course of this year) 

Over the years I have been so back and fourth with my photography, and I finally put my foot down, and said this will be a full time career. Before 2016 I had actually put down my camera for several months. I had been tired, worn,  restless, and just ready to give up. I wasn’t happy with the quality of work I produced, but something kept drawing me back to photography. So in January I started really thinking about where I wanted to be, and what I wanted out of photography. I wanted to start out specializing in high school senior portraits.


Why high school senior photography? My senior year was not the best it could have been, and I really wasn’t happy with the images that I received. Around this time I found, Hope Taylor Photography, and started listening, and reading her educational material. Something about it just hit me, and it started making sense.

I want to create an unforgettable senior experience for all high school seniors who cross my path. As of right now, I still want to work towards that goal. I want them to leave me happier, than when they came.


I love the friendship Kelsey, and Hannah have. They were just so fun to work with. This was the first attempt at trying to put together a senior styled shoot at Cross Creek Country Club. I still had a lot to learn at this time.








I wanted to keep up with my shooting, and continue to get better so I asked Abby if she wouldn’t mind letting me take her portrait. We met up, grabbed something sweet from Starbucks, and we headed off to TangleWood Park on this beautiful, but very cold day.




When it first it spring, and started to get warm, I took a day at the park just for myself. There are many things I would love to openly share with you about this day, but for personal reasons I want to keep that to myself. Just trust me when I say it was a beautiful, warm day full of love, and laughter. Full of memories that I will always treasure.


I couldn’t resist capturing this little couple just enjoying a nice day. Are they not precious? 

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Psalms 23

Pslams 23

I was going to post something about business, but in light of recent tragedies that have taken place, I felt it best to post something uplifting and positive today.

I encourage you all to pray for all the victims of these acts of violence, and turn to the One who can truly help. May God be your source of inspiration, and help for the days ahead.

God Bless.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. — Psalms 23:4

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Though She Be Little

Though she be but little, she is fierce – Shakespeare

Though She Be Little

Keep your chin up my fellow boss lady. I know it seems hard today, but tomorrow you will look back on this time, and be grateful for this journey. You are fierce. Show them what you are made of.



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Power of Community

I feel that community is so powerful when it comes to business, and it’s equally important to build community in your personal life to. Just having people who will build you up when you are down, cheer you on when you do well, and are just there for you, is such an amazing feeling.

Being apart of the Rising Tide Society has really shifted my thinking, and how I handle relationships when it comes to my business. Their motto is, “Community Over Competition”. It’s such a simple statement, but a profound one.When you chose to share images with a vendor you worked with, shoot them an e-mail to ask if there is anything they need, or simply want to meet with them for coffee to talk, that is creating community. The more you choose to create community with those around you, the more you’ll find that your own business will start thriving.

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Don’t Give Up

If life is currently getting you down, I encourage you to keep your head up, and keep on going. The world we live in right now is very difficult. It seems like it’s harder to make it in our dream careers, money is getting tighter, and tighter, and everything seems all go wrong all at once. I understand, I really do, but you cannot give up.

You are more talented than you know. You are smart, and you will bounce back. Don’t give up.  One day you’ll look back on this hard day, week, month, or year, and smile. You’ll smile, because you had the courage to keep going even when it seemed like there was no reason to keep going.

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A Beautiful Park Day.

Busy season is upon us, and there always seems like there is an endless to-do list. As entrepreneurs we think that if we push it 24/7, and never take a break, that we are being productive. That could not be further from the truth. When you push yourself like that, you are more likely to suffer burn outs, and they will be frequent too. Trust me, I am the number 1 culprit of the push-myself-until-I-burn-out club.

So today, where ever you are, or whatever you are doing, just press pause. Press pause for just a few minutes, or an hour or two, and step outside. Take in the fresh air, the beautiful sunshine hitting your face, and take in that gentle breeze that’s blowing just right. All your worries will just seem to melt away for a couple of hours, and you will honestly be amazed at how clearly you will be able to think, and how much more productive you will be.

Speaking of getting outside, I wanted to share with you some images I took at our local park. It was too beautiful of a day not to get out and photograph. 🙂

Beautiful Park Day.

Beautiful Park Day.

Beautiful Park Day.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different.

Dare To Be Different

Don’t be afraid to be different. Be afraid of being the same as everyone else.

I found this quote on one of my favorite photographer’s Facebook page(shoutout to Jasmine Star!), and it just jumped right out at me. I’ve been having those days of not feeling good enough, in my work, or in anything. There are days where I feel like my work is a little too different from everyone else, but you know what? Being different is what sets me, and you apart from the crowd.

There is only one you in the whole world. So shine bright darling, and dare to be different.

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Being A Servant Leader || Life

As I am sitting here right now, my mind is wandering with a 1,000 thoughts. I’m reading a book entitled, “The Heart of Leadership” by Mark Miller, and it’s teaching me how to build leadership character. I feel my heart being pulled in the servant leadership direction, in everything I do, I want to be a servant leader. And this video by photographer Jeremy Cowart, is really tugging at my heart. This man is truly amazing, and has the most servant-like heart.

Sometimes it’s so easy to get discouraged, especially being a creative, and trying to make a living from it. But having a servants heart can change everything. 
Ponder on this thought today, “Think Others First”. 
Now, I know that can be hard to do, because we all get “so busy” in our day to day life. But we shouldn’t get to the point where we forget about others, because at the end of the day serving people is what matters. 
Stay beautiful, and I’ll chat with you soon. 

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Anxiety And What To Do About It || 3 Ways To Cope With Anxiety

You’re in the middle of a crowd, you feel overwhelmed, you start looking for the nearest escape route, and almost burst into tears to get away from people. Yeah. That’s anxiety, and it’s not fun.

Anxiety And What To Do

 There are 3 things that I usually do to help calm myself down when I feel this way.

*Get to quiet place.

— I love people, but I can only handle being around people for so long before I need some time by myself. I’ve been this way since I could remember, and when I don’t get the space I need, well, it results in what I explained up above.

Find some place where you can take just 5 minutes of alone time, and take deep breaths. If you can’t get away from people like say you are on a train, on a plane, or somewhere you physically can’t get away from a crowd bring your head phones. You don’t even have to have music flowing through them, just put them on to block out the noise.

*Music, And Soothing Sounds

— Now, I am a believer of Christ, so when I put on soft worship music it always puts me at ease. This is probably my go to when I feel anxious or stressed, or just anytime. There always seems to be a song for every season that I am in. Right now I am soaking, and resting in Bethel Worships’, “No Longer Slaves”

You can also download an app called Relax Melodies. It’s a free app, in which you can play relaxing sounds to help you relax, or sooth anxiety. Unfortunately I am not sure if you can download this for an Android devices. But find an app on your Android device, that works the same as this one. You can choose from so many different sounds such as ocean waves, rain, rain on a roof, birds, campfire, etc. 

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