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What NOT To Do In Business || Photography Edition

Welcome back to the next post in the, “What NOT To Do In Business” series.

Today we are talking about:

Moving Around Too Much

If all you ever do is move your website around, change your name every other day, or try to launch too many things at one time your audience, and potential clients may get thrown off. They may just quit tuning in all together.

Here are my 3 simple tips for staying consistent with this:

1). Make sure you like your business name, and research it.

— This is a pretty essential step as a business owner. If you are a photographer make sure you use your own name, or your business name means something. No business names with the words sexy, hot, or any other¬†derogatory word. You want to be respected, and actually gain business right?¬†

When you are going into the photography field, and you have a pretty common name, (Ex: Sarah, Amanda, Nicole, etc.) chances are you’ll run into trademark problems. What I mean by that is, someone will have their business name as, for example, Amanda Ann Photography. Well, that just happens to be your name too. If that person has a TM logo beside their business name, that means there could be legal implications if you try to name your business that.

If that person does not have their business name trademarked, e-mail them, and communicate your idea to them. Do it in a pleasant, non-threatening way. Or simply decide to name your business something else.

In short, just do your research, and you will be fine.

For me, Light & Hope Photography means more than just my past two business names combined together. It’s what I want to bring into my business. I want to bring light into dark places, and give people hope when they come across my blog.

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What NOT To Do In Business || Photography Edition

If there is one thing I know about business, it’s what NOT to do. I’ve made so many mistakes in my business so far, it’s a wonder I haven’t given up (I have tried several times, but when you have a desire so strong….well… we are!).¬†

My advice for today is, don’t start out too big. Businesses that start out too big never seem to work out. Everyone will tell you what you need to buy, why you need to buy it now, and go into debt for your business to make it work. But a lot of successful photographers never went into debt for their businesses, they started out slowly. The most important thing for you to do is to get your work noticed.

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