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Lindsey || Mentoring Session

I was pretty excited when this lovely young lady asked me some advice on photography, and business. Of course I have stored up a lot of wisdom in, “What NOT To Do”, but I have also learned so much more about lighting, composition, posing, etc. I want to be able to share the knowledge I have, and pass it on. I want to create community, not competition. 

We all have different dreams, different goals, and different values. So why not share? The most successful people in this industry that I know are the ones who are so kind, and share what they learn.

Our mentoring session started with taking a nice break inside our local bookstore, and coffee shop, Pages. It was incredibly hot, and humid so grabbing a smoothie(or in my case a frapp) was the perfect start. We talked about different business resources, and a little bit about editing software.

Then we moved outside, and took a closer look at camera settings. That’s when I captured a few images of Lindsey.

Lindsey Mentoring Session Lindsey Mentoring Session

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