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Skin Care And Why It’s Important For Your Photo Shoot

Hello lovelies! Today I wanted to talk about skincare, and why it’s so important for your up and coming photo shoot.

When you properly take care of your skin, you don’t have to use, or spend so much money on make-up. For me personally, I do love make-up, and experimenting with different shades, and colors. But I would rather have great skin, then tons of make-up any day of the week.

Here are a few simple ways to take care of your skin, and have it looking fabulous for your next shoot.

Water. This is the first line of defense for your skin. Water helps to clean out any toxins, and impurities from your body. I have a probably with my skin being dry in places(mainly my forehead, and t-zone area, but when I drink water the redness seems to diminish. Be aware though, if you start drinking more water you may notice some blemishes starting to appear. Those will go away, but they make take a few days. Again, water is great for detoxing the body, and the skin.

Finding a great cleanser can be tough. We all have different skin types, and our skin reacts differently. I use the Simple cleanser, because it has been the most gentle on my skin. If you feel your skin tightening after you use your cleanser, that’s a bad thing! It means that it has stripped an important nutrient that your skin needs. I have had that feeling before, and I have found that immediately applying a toner to my skin helps to re-hydrate it.

Skin Care Blog Post

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Taking iPhone Images That Don’t Suck || 3 Tips for Phone Camera Photography

These days everyone is on their phones, and they love having the ability to take photos from their phones without having to invest in a professional grade DSLR. Even though I’m a photographer, and I love my DSLR there are time where I just love having my phone camera handy.

So today I am going to share with you my top 3 tips for getting great photos right from your phone.

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#1. Lighting

The key to any great photo is lighting. I always want to make sure I have my subject, or subjects facing away from the light.


If you place them in direct sunlight, they’ll squint because the sun is in their eyes. They will also have dark shadows under their eyes, and noses. Those kind of shadows are definitely not flattering.

For phones since you don’t have too much control over aperture settings, ISO settings, If you notice when you tap on the screen where you want your image to be focused, it will either lighten or darken depending on which way you take the image. Your phone is basically is trying to do your settings for you.

I find that if I take photos in a shaded area when the sun is in full view, they end up coming out much better. Magic hour is the absolute best time for capturing photos period. This is the hour in which the sun has not completely set, or has come up yet. But it still provides plenty of light for taking photos.

#2. Composition

— This can be tricky when doing phone photography. Typically we want to share the photos we take on social media. Facebook will let you upload as is without cropping. But Instagram has a specific size set for sharing. If you take a photograph horizontally, and your subject is placed to the far left or far right, chances are they could get cut out.

Make sure to leave a good amount of spacing on the right or left side, and on top, and bottom. As you can see from the image provided below, exactly how much Instagram crops.

Instagram Crop

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What Do You Do? || Your Niche Market || Contemporary Portraiture

Hello everyone! So it seems that my business has been a bit all over the place, and I’ve tried finding my place in the photography industry. I’m here today to explain what it is that I am loving right now, and what direction I can see this business heading in.

My heart for my business right now is helping women to have a better self image. It’s hard to see so many beautiful ladies hurting, and abusing themselves mentally, and even physically.

I often hear this from ladies whom I ask to be models: “I wanna wait until I lose some weight.” Let me stop you right there, if you’ve ever said this about getting your portrait taken.


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The Modern Glamour Movement

There is a sickness in our society, that started in Hollywood, and lives inside the minds of every woman now. Somewhere along the line, we have a distorted image in our heads of what, “perfection” or “beauty” looks like on the outside.

Somehow we’ve given Hollywood, and the media the power to dictate what we as women look like. We’ve went from being healthy to starving ourselves trying to re-create this photo-shopped perfection. I’m telling you today, please don’t give in to the hype. If you want to workout, and get fit, do it for yourself. Don’t do it, because it’s what everyone else is doing, or to impress anyone. Do it for yourself, because you simply want to be healthy, and fit.

To me Jennifer Lawrence is just beautiful. So when I first heard rumors of this quote she said going around, I had to check it out for myself: 

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