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Hope Ann The Brand & What’s Next

Hi sweet friends! It has been a while since we have spoken. In the social media business world that is a big no-no. But can I admit a little secret to you? I have been mentally, & physically burnt out. I have been going at break-neck speeds working, & being “busy”, only to find myself not wanting to even pick up a camera.

Those who know me, know that’s not like me at all. I have so much love & passion for what I do as a photographer, but during this small break I have learned what my true passion is. I honestly thought photography was it. What else could there possibly be?

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Late Fall Wedding At Still Waters Event Venue

This year rain has seemed to be the theme of every wedding so Brianna & Bradley’s wedding was no exception. They held their beautiful, late fall wedding at Still Waters Wedding & Event Venue. They both have a love for rustic charm, and this venue is all of that and more! (I shared all about on their engagement post.)

I arrived early to the venue, and was met by Emily, Brianna’s sister-in-law, and she pointed the way to the bridal suite. As I came inside Still Waters Barn Venue I was greeted by a nervous Brianna who was making sure every last minute detail was perfect, along with her family. Brianna’s family was there to make sure her vision for this wedding came true. Her immediate family, who lives in Florida, flew up early to help decorate the entire venue. They even did a quick change & made it into the reception hall after the ceremony.

Before long her family made her go into her bridal suite to start getting ready for her big day. Her grandmother, flower girls, & Emily were with her as she was getting ready. They made sure to help her get rid of those wedding nerves by singing songs, dancing, but also sharing their heart with her. There was one presence missing though. Although her birth mother passed away, Brianna & her family made sure her presence could be felt. As she was getting ready she placed a blue flower on the inside of her wedding dress as a tribute to her. (Can you say water works??) 

Finally it was time for her dad to come in. She told me right before he came in, “He’s not going to cry. He never shows emotion like that.” Oh boy. As soon as he saw Brianna, tears welled up in his eyes, & they both held onto each other as they spent a few moments alone before he walked her down the aisle. Their wedding was a very intimate, with it only be family from both sides, but that just made this whole day joyful.

Brianna & Bradley, thank you for inviting me to be apart of your big special day. I pray that your life is filled with joy, and that you get everything you desire. Cheers to you both!



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Intimate Golden Hour Wedding

Hi friends! I’m so thrilled for you to see this intimate, golden hour wedding for Melody & Chris Chamberlain. Wait until you see the front of their house! It’s beautiful! It reminds me of an old plantation style house right in the middle of Winston-Salem. Since we didn’t do an engagement session like I normally do for all my couples, today you are going to hear their story.

Chris & Melody met like so many couples do, through mutual friends. She started working with Tarpley family as a nanny in 2014. Well, Melody is a bit of a thrill seeker, and loves skydiving. She was getting ready to go on her second trip, and wanted to have someone with her. She tried to get the 3 Tarpley brothers to go with her, but they all declined. One of the brothers mentioned that his best friend would love to go. (That would be Chris)

On May 31st of 2014 they both met each other for the first time. Going skydiving ya’ll! Can you imagine?  They stayed in touch through Facebook, and would occasionally see each other at get-together’s for the Tarpley’s. Litle did they know life was about to take a drastic turn.

The family that Melody loved so much, and had worked for, passed away in a tragic event. Chris & Melody had become such good friends at this point, they had each other to lean on to get through the hard times. When Melody fell into depression Chris immediately suggested that she get out of the house. He introduced her to some of his friends, and after that one thing led to another. And here we are today. Celebrating their marriage!

Melody & Chris, thank you for letting me share in this special day with you. And thank you for sharing your story with me. It seems like just yesterday, Melody, you were out in the fields helping me become a better photographer. I cherish those fun times we had, and now you’re all grown up. (Tissues please!) Chris, take care of her. (And I know you will.)  I look forward to watch you have a family of your own.



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Golden Hour Country Fields Fall Session

Olivia’s fall senior session was literally, picture perfect. As we arrived to the private country estate, everything was just lit with a beautiful golden glow. The temperature was that perfect fall weather. Not too hot. Not too cold. (In baby bear’s words) It was just right.

Some of you may remember this beautiful girl’s face from a post on Instagram I made last month. If you didn’t then I’m so happy to introduce to you LHP’s new fall intern, Olivia! She is exactly what LHP stands for. She’s joyful, kind, and genuine. It’s been such a pleasure to get to know her over, and I’m excited for you to know her too.

This is Olivia’s senior year, and she thought, at first, she wanted to take a traditional career path such as teaching. The more she thought about it, the more she fell in love with photography. It’s her hobby, and it’s her passion. She finally made the decision to pursue photography with all her heart, and will be attending college pursuing a degree in this field next year. With making that decision, she wanted to check out the small business side of photography too.

That’s when I received a sweet Instagram DM wanting to know if she could intern with me. Ummmm….of course!! My motto has been, and always will be community over competition. She has only been interning with me for a month, but I’ve learned so much about her. After sessions, and weddings, we love jamming out to The Greatest Showman Soundtrack, & Ed Sheeran. (This girl is after my own heart!) She loves sweet tea. (This is one way to earn major brownie points with me.) 

Olivia, I just want you to know how amazing you are. I seriously, from the bottom of my heart, cannot wait to see what you do in this industry, and where you go.




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The Manor House at Tanglewood Park Engagement Session

I was so excited to photograph this engagement session for Brianna & Bradley at The Manor House, at Tanglewood. I first met Brianna when she moved here from Florida, and had started training with me at Chick-fil-a.  Of course she was already a natural, since her dad is an Operator at one of the Chick-fil-a’s in Florida.  It was a “pleasure” getting to know her heart. We have since worked together to create her senior session, and now she’s getting married!! *Cue the heart eyes!*

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Sunflower Inspired Wedding in Hurricane Florence

Katilyn had planned out this beautiful sunflower themed, intimate wedding. Her & her fiance, Travis, wanted to say their vows outside in beautiful, golden light, and to be surrounded by close family, and friends.

And just like that,  Hurricane Florence was getting ready to wreck everything!

I had been tracking which way  Florence would go. I kept hearing conversations of how massive it was going to be, and it could possibly be bigger than Hurricane Hugo. (I was only a few months old at the time Hugo hit. But my family recalls how bad it was.)  We were all praying this storm would tone down. Thankfully, by the end of the week, this system seemed to go all the way around us. Sparing us from the worst conditions. We had rain, and some nice, breezy weather.  We were so fortunate, and thankful for that.

On the morning of their wedding I arrived at their venue, Oak Crest, and I noticed sunflowers were everywhere! Katilyn & her team were putting the finishing touches on decorating in between sudden downpours & wind. As soon as they finished,  she and her girls ran upstairs to start getting ready before her soon to be husband, and soon to be son (Brody) came over. Watching her interact with Brody was the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. He calls her mom, and the way he looks at her is just precious! You can tell he really does admire her.

Before she walked down the aisle she was all jitters, and nerves until she saw him standing there. Just waiting for her. And Brody too.

After the ceremony, it became a party! There was good food, sweet tea(YES!! She knows the way to my heart), and music. Everyone just let their hair down, and danced the evening away.

To Katilyn, Travis, and Brody I pray for nothing, but happiness for all of you. I’m excited to watch you and your little family grow. 🙂 Enjoy looking on these fond memories of your wedding day!



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Sunflower Mini-Sessions at Dewberry Farms

Hi friends! You may remember when I did a sunflower session last year. If not, that’s okay, feel free to go check that out then come back here to this one. This year I hosted sunflower mini-sessions at Dewberry Farms. It was a huge hit!

A little backstory before we dive into the images:

Sunflowers all over our area had under gone some abuse due to the lack of rain & hot, humid temps. At this point I didn’t think anyone had fresh sunflower fields left. Then I made a call to Dewberry Farms, and low and behold, their sunflowers were set to bloom late! *Yeesssss!!!!!* *Insert praise hands emoji!*

Flash forward to that evening.

It was a perfect evening for photographing. We had a beautiful sun setting right  behind us, giving us that warm, golden glow. Our first client, Kristin, met us with open arms. Kristin is such a delight, and always brings positive energy with her where ever she goes. I just love her! I was curious though. I was curious about the hot air balloon tattoo on her arm. She told me she had always wanted to up on a hot air balloon, but was too afraid. Then one day, she decided to face her fear & just do it. She said it was an incredible experience.

How amazing is that?? And such a life lesson too. Whatever you may be fearing, just face it head on. Look in the face of your fear & do whatever it is you want anyway.

Our next clients Julie & her little one were so sweet! They wore the same color shade of blue to match during the session. Her little one was so shy, so we made sure to get those giggles. I had Julie whispering inside jokes to her the whole time. So precious!’s

Our last clients Angel & her husband, had us laughing non-stop during the session. At one point I told him to whisper sweet nothings into her ear. She started laughing so hard, and he finally told us what was making her laugh. He was telling her all about his big ole’ truck he wants. To that she replied, “It’s either the house or the truck! You can’t have both!” 

All of these clients were such a pleasure to photograph, and I hope you enjoy these images. I’ve even posted some behind the scenes shots of that day.


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Sunflower Mini-Sessions at The Barn at Heritage Farms

Here in North Carolina, the summers are hot & humid. Typically I don’t photograph a lot in July for that reason, except for when the sunflowers come out in full bloom! My favorite local venue, The Barn at Heritage Farms, had a beautiful field full of them.  That’s when I decided it’s mini-session time!

The Venue

Jessica and John are so welcoming to everyone who visits their venue. They made sure we had plenty of props to choose, like quilts, blankets, and even a vintage bright blue, pick-up truck. You are going to flip out when you see the images of this truck! The views on this property are just breath-taking. You get a full view of Pilot Mountain. The window in the barn is strategically placed so that you can see this view during a wedding ceremony.

They even provided ice cold water in the kitchen for all my clients if they should need it. Talk about going the second mile.  It was just a wonderful experience. I cannot recommend them enough!

The People

My first clients Meagan & Luke drove an hour and a half to come see me!! What?!?! Talk about feeling so honored. They are total sweethearts, and I really hope to work with them again in the near future. My second client, Hailey, and her mom Christina were so sweet. Hailey is the reason why I do what I do. She wanted to do a session that was just for her, to showcase her style, and unique personality. I. Love. That. So. Much!!!!

To everyone who was involved with this round of mini-sessions, thank you! You all were amazing, and wonderful. I hope you enjoy these images!

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5 Ways To Deal With Being Left Out

Summer is here which means cookouts, pool parties, and nights that we wish would never end. (Insert every song every written about summer with that line.) But it’s not what you hoped it would be. You find yourself feeling left out of these big events. People that you thought were your friends didn’t send you that text or phone call. You’re scrolling on social media, and see the photos. You immediately have this sinking feeling in your gut.

And before you know it, you are binge watching Netflix movies with a pint of Halo Top wondering, “What’s wrong with me?” “Why didn’t they think to call or text me.” “I thought we were all friends.”

How did I describe you so perfectly? Friend. I have been there before. It hurts being the one who’s left out. It hurts sitting there, wondering why they did it. So let me help you get out of this funk. By the end of this blog post, I hope you feeling inspired & encouraged.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Yep. I went there with a truth bomb on the first one. Sitting in your room saying, “Woe is me” isn’t going to make you feel any better. (Trust me, I’ve learned.)  Instead, let yourself feel what you need to feel about the situation.(Cry, write in your journal, confide in your parents or siblings, confide in a close friend, listen to music, etc.) Once you get those feelings out you will feel lighter.

Get Out of The House

This may seem super simple right? But forcing yourself to dress up, put make-up on, and just get out of the house will leave you feeling refreshed. Even if you have no where to go, just get dolled up, and go take a drive.

Make Time For A New Relationship

If this is a friend group who has repeatedly left you out, then it’s time for a relationship change. Call or text that person whom you haven’t seen or spoken too in a while, but they’ve been on your mind. See if they would like to go out for coffee, & chat. Join a club. Join a gym or take workout classes. There’s so many ways to meet new people. You will find the community you are meant to be with.

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Pilot Mountain Anniversary Mini-Session

Two weeks ago I photographed my wonderful friends anniversary session on Pilot Mountain(This is one of my favorite locations, so you may see it alot of this year!). I have known Bethany for a few of years now due to my day job. I remember when she first met Austin, & how excited she was.

She would come in to work smiling, and being all giggly. When they got engaged, I remember her smile growing even brighter & bigger. When I received the wedding invitation, I was elated! I love weddings, and when it’s my friends. Holy. Moly! Cue all the smiles, & water works! (Yes, weddings really do make me that happy.)

I remember sitting out in the pew on the day of her wedding, anticipating the moment she would come down the aisle. Listening to the beautiful music being played by one of my LHP seniors on the piano. Watching the little flower girls throwing petals in their beautiful, white & gold sparkly dresses. Then the bridesmaids, who seemed to glide down the aisle, in those gold sequin dresses & beautiful pink bouquets.

Then everything just stopped. Silence. The door swung open. Everyone was peering around each other trying to sneak a peek at the bride. The music started once more. Here came the bride, side by side with her dad. Her beautiful lace covered wedding dress just all around her with each step. In that moment, I’m pretty sure I saw Austin shedding tears at the altar.

Now, they have been married for 1 year. (*Cue the confetti!*)

Bethany and Austin, I pray for nothing, but happiness for you both. You have a deeply rooted faith & you keep each other grounded. Always remember that as long as you keep Christ in the center of your relationship, you can make it through anything. I’m so blessed to know you. Happy one year! Cheers to many, many, many more years of memories together.

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