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Fisher River Park Senior & Engagement Session

Mark came riding into Fisher River Park on his deep blue Harley Davidson Motorcycle, and that’s when I knew. We are going to have fun. I helped Mark, and his mom plan for his senior session a couple of weeks earlier. Mark had 2 requests, he wanted to bring his custom Harley, & the second being an engagement session with his fiance, Eliza. Yes. You read that right. Fiance. These high school sweethearts have been engaged for almost 3 months. I couldn’t help, but squeal with delight at the last request! Insert all the heart eye emojis here.

As we started down towards the  green open fields, with a beautiful flowing river behind it, we spent this time chatting. It turns out, Eliza’s best friend is Courtney, whom I had recently done a prom session for.  She’s even going to be her maid of honor for her wedding. How amazing is that?

Once we were down by the river I couldn’t help, but notice that Mark’s smile grew ten times wider when Eliza was in the images.  It was the sweetest thing.  When they would look at each other, it was like I wasn’t even there. As if they were the only two people in the park. That’s a connection most people crave. There was even a moment when I asked Mark to tell her an inside joke, or something funny. And, it resulted in the moment you see below.

Mark, I wish you all the best with your goals, and dreams. You have such a bright future ahead of you!  Eliza, you are so beautiful, kind, and incredibly smart. I know that you will go far, and cannot wait to see where you go. To the both of you, I pray for nothing, but joy, and a long, happy future for you.

I hope you enjoy looking at these images as much as I do!

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How To Work From A Place of Rest

Hi friends! Recently, on top of battling severe acid reflux(which is now under control, thank God for that!), I have been battling panic attacks, and severe anxiety. I feel like this topic has been placed on my heart to write about for a reason, and that reason is you’re probably struggling with this too. Am I right?  You’re working those late nights after you get off your day job, hustling, and trying to make that big dream of yours come true.

I get it, I am right there with you, but are you letting fear fuel your need for the hustle? Are you working from a place of fear? The fear that, “I’ve fallen behind. I need to X to be successful, or they’re doing Y so I need to do this too to be successful.” So instead of working with purpose on YOUR vision, you’re working from a place of fear.

You start thinking that your version of success isn’t good enough.Or even worse you start thinking that you are not enough.  I am here to tell you it is, and YOU are enough! You don’t have to be the “next big thing”, or “the next industry leader”.  I’ll even let you in on a secret: those who are the biggest YouTubers, or industry leaders didn’t actually aspire to be those things, they simply found a passion for what they did, worked hard, and the rest followed. They didn’t allow themselves to stay in that place of fear, instead pushed forward despite the fear, and worked on their vision.

Once you do that, you begin to work from that place of rest. You still may have to work late nights, but you feel satisfied, fulfilled, and purposeful. You’re not taking on someone else’s vision for business, and life. You’re taking on the vision that God has given YOU.

So let me ask you: What does YOUR definition of success look like? What would working from a place of rest instead of fear look like for you? (Take a few moments to think about this)

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Sweet Doughnut Themed Picnic Styled Shoot

This styled shoot had started out being, “A Sweet Rose Gold Dream”, but ended up being “A Sweet Doughnut Themed Picnic”. These doughnuts were delicious, and from the sweetest little bakery in town called, “Anchored– Sweet Treats & Savory Eats”. Samantha(the owner) was so sweet, and accommodating!

We had a little bit of a struggle the day of the shoot, with the wind trying to blow over everything, but we managed to make it through without losing any doughnuts! I’d call that a win! I hope you enjoy this session!

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Quarry Park Golden Hour Session

I was so excited when Catherine had first made contact with me on Instagram. I know that she wants to be a model, and this girl definitely has the look to be one! (Someone tell me when high school students started looking like this?? I’m 100% sure I looked like a potato all during my high school career) As we began planning the details of her session out, we decided to have it at Quarry Park in Winston-Salem.

I had heard about this location, and was eager to shoot on the bridge that over looks the city. We got there just in time for the most beautiful golden hour light. I hope that you enjoy these images from Catherine’s session!


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Reynolda Gardens and Village Portrait Session

Reynolda Gardens & Village is one of my favorite places to photograph sessions at! I recently collaborated with Dovers Photos on this spring inspired session,and realized I hadn’t had a chance to blog this one yet! We had the whole place to ourselves, which is highly unusual for this part of Winston-Salem, but the wind decided to pick up quite a lot that day making it a whole lot colder than it was suppose to be. When the wind wasn’t blowing the sunshine gave way to warmth for us, and the flowers had just begun to bud in the garden so we took full advantage of that!

These girls were already friends before hand, so you can imagine all the stories, and jokes that were being told during our session time. I had so much on this shoot, and I hope you enjoy meeting each one of these lovely ladies.

Jordan is absolutely adorable, and she is a twin! The sweet girl, Julia, that I collaborated with, is actually her twin.  How amazing is that? I use to wish I could’ve been a twin(thank you to the “It Takes Two’ movie for that!).

Amber is such a hard worker, this girl dances full time. She goes to two different studios, and it has paid off, because she has been accepted in to the UNC-G Dance Program! You go girl!

Lilly is so beautiful, this girl could definitely be a model. Her red hair is just the most amazing thing! She is currently attending classes at Surry Community, and does a little bit of theater on the side too.

Erica is so cute, and has the sweetest personality! She actually had been following my Instagram account for a while, so it was so nice to actually meet in person, and work with her.

We all spent the rest of the afternoon making our way around the entire village.

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How To Plan For Your Senior Session

Your senior session is the one thing you look forward to for your senior year. So, how do you plan for your senior session? When do you start planning?  It’s my job to eliminate as much stress as possible for my clients, and senior photography is so much fun. I found the passion for photographing senior sessions when one of my very first seniors came to her session with her basketball uniform, her Ukulele, and 2nd outfit of choice. The whole session was tons of fun, and I loved showcasing her unique personality.  There are so many ways that you can make your session the best experience possible. Below you will find tips for hair, make-up, wardrobe styling, and more! Enjoy!

Choosing Your Outfits

It’s easy to look on Pinterest or Instagram, and compare your personal style, or try to change it. Don’t do that! Be authentic to your personality, and choose pieces that flatter your body.

Be Comfortable

If you try wearing an outfit that is fitted, but you don’t like how it looks, don’t wear it! Chances of you loving it when you see the images are very low. A good rule of thumb is, if it makes you uncomfortable, or self-conscious leave it at home! We will be doing a lot of walking around, sitting, and kneeling during the session, so if you do want to wear heels make sure you wear flats until we are ready to start shooting.

Brighten It Up

I do see a lot of people come to their sessions wearing the standard black & white. If that’s your style, and authentic to you then wear that, but make sure to add pops of color to brighten it up. Wearing just black or white without any pop can make skin tones look washed out on camera. Try wear colors that compliment your skin tone, and hair color. Below you’ll see Sarah paired her dark caprices with a beautiful magenta colored top, and light denim jacket. Karli chose orange which not only flatters her skin tone, and hair, but orange makes blue eyes pop.

Layer Up

During the cooler months spring & fall, add layers to your outfit. A duster cardigans is my favorite go to when adding layers. During the winter months you can always pair outfits with a cute denim or leather jacket to add some dimension. During the summer you can add layers with a cropped, thin cardigan. KayMarie’s outfits are my favorite example of layering for both cool, and warmer weather. For her first outfit she paired her denim shirt with a bright red cardigan, and added a light brown hat. For her second outfit, she pair her black sleeveless top with this beautiful thin laced cardigan.


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White Fluffy Flower Senior Session Downtown Mount Airy: 2019 LHP Spokes-Model

Hi friends! I would love for you to meet Trinity. She is this year’s 2019 LHP Spokes-Model!! If you’re not familiar with the LHP Spokes-Model Program just click here, and it will tell you all about it. (There are some pretty amazing perks that are included.)

I love spending time with Trinity, she is funny, sweet, down-to-earth, and so driven to succeed. One of her goals in life is to become a nurse, and use those skills to help those in dire situations. She wants to join a nurse missions program to help out over-seas. She has a huge love for Virginia, and basketball has been apart of  her journey all through-out high school.

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North Carolina Rainbow Maternity Session

I have been very blessed to work with this sweet lady again. Amanda and I go way back to the good ole’ kindergarten days. Yep. Bonding over recess, and nap times. Flash forward to the days where I started experimenting with photography, and started thinking about becoming a career later on. She always wanted me there to document those little memories, and I will forever be grateful to her for that. I got to watch her son Logan grow, and how he’s such a little man now! Now, here we are again, after a devastating miscarriage, to celebrate a little life that’s about to come into the world, a baby boy named Jaxson. Amanda, I know that you, and Bobby will be wonderful parents to him, just the way you are with Logan.

Here are just a few of the images from our rainbow maternity session.

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How to Plan For Your Portrait & Engagement Session

Often people look around gaining inspiration for their portrait, or engagement session from Pinterest, and Instagram. They spend hours pinning, and creating the “perfect” session board, only to find in the end they are unhappy with their session when the images are delivered.


They didn’t infuse their personalities, or story into any of their images. Your story is your life, and is filled the things that make you, YOU! You can’t copy that. So let’s dive right in to planning YOUR session.

Choosing the RIGHT Photographer FOR YOU!

— Photographers all have different styles of images, and different personalities, so choosing someone that fits with you is essential to planning your session. If you have a bright, bubbly personality, and you want that conveyed in your images,  you wouldn’t want to go with someone who has a darker, edgier style. For me, when I’ve planned my own sessions, I make sure to go with photographers whose personalities match mine. For my head-shots, I went with Hope Taylor, who has a bright, bubbly personality, and our styles just seemed to fit really well. It made the whole experience flow seamlessly, and we constantly laughed through the entire session.


— I always encourage clients to think of a location that is special to them, or I help them choose a location that fits their personality, and style. For a high school senior, they may want to choose to have their session downtown in the city, because that’s relevant to their style. For a couple, it could be the place they had their first date, or the place he proposed.


— Long gone are the days of the white button up, and denim jeans(thank goodness!). This is where choosing the right photographer can help you decide on what to wear as well. If you want a more luxurious feel, and look to your images try that cute LBD, a pair of pumps, and statement jewelry. If you’re style is laid back, and casual, go for minimal jewelry, a nice pair of jeans with emphasis on the shoes, and pair your casual top with a jacket.

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What Season Is Better For Portrait, & Engagement Sessions?

So often people will plan their portrait sessions, and not infuse their own personalities, and preferences into the mix. They simply copy what they see others doing on Pinterest, or Instagram. While it’s great to gather inspiration from those sources, don’t copy exactly what you see. 

This blog post, will be one of two in a mini-series about planning your own unique session that feels like you. The first step is very simple, you just have to answer one question: “What season is your favorite?” , or “What season holds the best memories for you?” 

My answer is fall all the way! Some of my best memories with friends, family, and business happen in the fall.

Below, I have images from every season that I have shot in, and each one is unique, and beautiful.

Spring: If you love fluffy flowers already in bloom, or are blooming(Cherry Blossom Trees are life, and  Dogwoods), if you love pastel colors, spring dresses, warm days that still turn into cool nights, then this is perfect for you.

Summer: The summer days are hot, but those summer evenings last, and last. The summer flowers are out in their full on bright colors(Red Hot Pokers are my favorite, and my second are Sunflowers!!). The sunsets later in the day, making an evening session so enjoyable.

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