About Hope

Hello! My name is Hope Easter, and I am a senior photographer based in Mount Airy, North Carolina. I love photographing seniors, and just helping them feel confident. I know when I was a teenager, things were hard, awkward, and all I wanted to do was fit in. I wanted to belong somewhere. So I’m making it my mission to

 to just spread light & hope through my photography to help them see just how beautiful, valued, and loved they truly are.


You’ll not only find recent sessions that I have photographed, but you will also find blog posts about business, life, style, personal shoots, travels, and more. I want this blog to transform into a community, where you can come here, find inspiration, and possibly meet a few awesome people.


In addition to running my photography business, and blogging you will probably find me: 

  • Hanging out at a local coffee shop. (I’m so addicted to any and all iced coffees, frapps, and teas. I think I may need help.)
  • If I have some spare time I love to pick up a good book to read.
  • Being addicted to watching YouTube videos. (If you watch Zoella, Bunny, or Lindsey Stirling you are my new favorite! )
  • Spending time with my friends and family.

A few more things I love are:

  • God and Jesus with all my heart.
  • I am a lover of all things sparkly, and glittery.
  • I love music, and am currently going to be learning how to play violin.
  • I love seeing people happy, and in love.
  • My cute and adorable puppy Rascal! He’s a mess, and tears everything up, but we love him dearly.


Last, but certainly not least thank you for stopping by today! I hope that you enjoy hanging out here with me, and be sure to check out my other social media pages too. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

I hope to chat with soon, because I do check all my comments, and respond to as many as I can.